Godaddy using bait and switch to scam webmasters

Godaddy has a net worth of $1.9 billion but the internet giant whom has a pretty strong monopoly on domains and web hosting wants more money to feed their greed! To get more Godaddy needs to use all the scams and tricks it can find in the book of “How to be an evil internet giant”… Bait and switch… (WOW! Scamming your own customers in other words) Godaddy started offering managed wordpress hosting for just under $1 a month which was a fanatastic price to say the least.. luring new customers into getting the plan… however this offer isnt to […]

Vheadline is back

After getting hacked and our website replace by a “spam” site we are finally back! Unfortunately you may have noticed a few things such as quite a big portion of our content is gone and you will not be able to find our site on google either. Due to the fact that we have had to move hosting and start a fresh and clean wordpress install to in order to stop our site from ever getting hacked again we have lost quite a lot of our site in the process. We are reluctant to import backups because there maybe backdoors […]

Eva Golinger’s misinformation endangers exiled Tamils’ fight for freedom

Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 07:18:06 +0100 From: Barrio Nuevo To: Subject: Eva Golinger’s opinion on Tamils We, organizations in Canada that have been working for years in solidarity with the Bolivarian process and have been responding to misinformation against Venezuela and the revolution. We have also been strong admirers of Eva Golinger’s standard of investigative journalism and advocacy against imperialism. Today we are compelled to address what appears to be some misinformation in her piece titled ‘Sri Lanka’, printed in the Correo del Orinoco on Saturday, May 15. Eva Golinger’s article makes a number of claims, including […]

Oscar Heck: Zapatero is wrong trying to denigrate Chavez for speaking the truth

VHeadline commentarist Oscar Heck writes: Here’s something else … the King of Spain told Chavez to shut up when Spain’s prime minister, Zapatero spoke at the end of the recent Iberoamerican summit in Santiago, Chile, telling the audience that Chavez should not have spoken against Spain’s former prime minister, Aznar … that Chavez should not insult Aznar. Chavez had referred to Aznar as a fascist because Aznar had actively supported the invasion of Iraq (in co-collaboration with the USA), and had also supported the coup against Chavez. On VTV Venezuela, they’re addressing this issue in great detail and I’m seeing that […]

Spain’s El Pais: Teves is public service channel without any public News Editor Patrick J. O’Donoghue writes:  Spain’s El Pais tabloid has written a critical article about Teves television, which replaced the commercial Radio Caracas Television (RCTV).  The writer of the article quips that Teves is a “public service but without any public.”  Citing the only TV ratings mediation company in Venezuela, AGB Panamericana, El Pais puts the channel’s audience at around 8.9 to 8.3% during the showing of the soccer Americas Cup.  In August, the audience dropped to 6%, September to 4 .6% and in October is trailing by 3.6%.  Televen channel deputy president, Enrique Alvarado admits that his channel […]

I want Ruppert to realize this as he sits in Caracas, Venezuela safe and sound.. commentarist Mary MacElveen writes: As I read Michael Ruppert’s piece published here at, I am angry in the way he depicts the citizens of my country since he has basically renounced his citizenship, by stating that he is a citizen of the world. When he (Ruppert) stated “its people have surrendered to tyranny, and in so doing, they have become tyranny’s primary support group; its base constituency; its chief defender.” Like it or not, we as a society here in America still have a choice in which we partake or not partake in politics and the issues that […]

President Hugo Chavez Frias receives HR award during visit to Libya

During his visit to Libya, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias says he wholly shares Libyan President Muamar Ghaddafi‘s social thesis and considers him a friend and brother. Speaking at a ceremony in Tripoli at which he received the Ghaddafi Award for Human Rights, the Venezuelan President dedicated the award to slain Venezuela state prosecutor, Danilo Anderson and deceased Palestinian leader Yaser Arafat.   Former Algerian President and Independence leader, Ben Bella gave the award, praising Chavez Frias for his struggle in favor of the poor and his campaign against hunger and poverty. During a prior meeting with the Libyan leader, […]

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias ships 1,000,000 barrels of petroleum to the United States

The Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C. issued a press release late this morning to inform that Venezuela President Hugo Chavez’ pledge to ship approximately an additional one million barrels of gasoline to the United States in the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation will begin to come to fruition on September 25 with the arrival at Port Everglades (Florida) of the bulk tanker ‘B/t Energy Pride’ with a first shipment of 240,000 barrels. The gasoline, produced by Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) will be available immediately to US consumers through PDVSA’s wholly-owned US subsidiary, CITGO Petroleum Corp’s distribution network … and is […]

Venezuela formalizes offer of fuel and humanitarian aid for the United States

Venezuela’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has delivered a diplomatic note to the US Embassy in Venezuela to officially express the country’s condolences to the people of the United States of America affected by Hurricane Katrina. A MRE press release adds that Venezuela reiterates, and formalize, an offer made by President Hugo Chavez Frias to send fuel and humanitarian aid to alleviate the effects of the natural disaster as a show of solidarity with victims, who face troubled times and the loss of loved ones and possessions. The Ministry has also informed the US Embassy that Venezuela has offered Louisiana Governor […]

Chavez Frias not losing much sleep over the USA’s intent to “punish” Venezuela commentarist Oscar Heck writes:  On Sunday August 7, 2005, after Chavez voted, he gave a press conference.  Some reporters asked ridiculous questions, particularly one reporter from the BBC and one from El Universal, one of Venezuela’s most anti-Chavez newspapers.  I don’t know how Chavez does it … to have the patience to answer people who ask senseless and absurd questions, as though they were being “so smart,” but in fact, making fools out of themselves. Anyhow, one of the questions led to Chavez speaking about Venezuela’s timely divorce with the DEA (US Drug Enforcement Agency). According to an August […]