Although it has been said often enough before, is focused on basic principles of independence and freedom supplemented by an editorial ethos in support of positive developments in Venezuela as it affects the rich and beautiful country and its people in terms of:

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Some readers have mistakenly alleged a serious bias in our pages against the United States of America. Since, undoubtedly, we owe no allegiance towards the United States, we can only comment that any such perception must stand for the individual reader. We have no quarrel with the good people of the United States and, in fact, a majority of our readers are indeed USA-based (latest figures: 92.7% in North America!).’s editorial focus … and therefore our allegiances and any implied bias … is Venezuela and all things pertaining to this wonderful country in South America. is fully supportive of the Venezuelan people in their efforts to secure and reassure their national sovereignty against all foreign impositions. We support and maintain our allegiance towards Venezuela’s insistence on its sovereign right to determine its own democratic governance without the un-asked-for intrusion of other nations. supports every effort made by Venezuela to underscore its independence from external dictate and we will therefore reject any such external intromission from wherever it may emanate. We have no editorial bias against any United States authority, organization, citizen or resident except where it is itself percieved to be contrary to the democratic interests and future well-being of Venezuela and its people.

Government: is most definitely in support of government, although in the peculiar context of Venezuelan affairs it is best to further explain that as a foreign-based e-publication we are in support of government as opposed to un-government. We are in support of governance in whatever genre of political persuasion provided that it is in compliance with the will of the people of Venezuela as expressed by secret ballot in such democratic elections as may from time to time be held in accordance with the Constitution and any subsequent amendments thereof. We do NOT support anti-democratic policies and/or actions designed to disrupt the proper progress of democratic government, whether that disruption emanates from outside or covertly within the democratic process itself. We are in support of citizen participation in the process of government and lend every encouragement to those who wish to express and publish their opinions within that framework.

Constitutionality: is most definitely in support of the Venezuelan Constitution as the codex on which Venezuela’s progress as a sovereign nation must proceed. The Venezuelan Constitution, and any subsequent amendments to it, is the foundation on which Venezuela’s participative democracy is founded, and is itself the living witness of a democratic process by which duly-elected representatives of the Venezuelan people threw out the bad and implemented new legal references on which to build Venezuela’s progress in the new millennium. The Venezuelan Constitution is therefore a “work in progress” with the ultimate aim of empowering the citizens of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to achieve their sovereign and collective goal of peace and prosperity and individual advancement within the context of equal opportunity and good will.

Rule of Law: is most definitely in support of the Rule of Law in Venezuela as dictated by the Constitution and Venezuela’s sovereign judiciary free from political influence and/or commercial coercion. Like the Venezuelan Constitution itself, the Rule of Law is conditional upon the democratic will of the people in observance of basic tenets of personal and civic responsibility among one’s fellow citizens and others within the legal jurisdiction of the sovereign realm.

Roy S. Carson



We at seek to give every assistance to positive developments and progress that affects Venezuela’s future without the entanglements of party-political allegiances. 

It is unfortunate that the majority of Venezuela’s media today is partisan on one side or the other of the political chasm or divide, seeing things in simplistic terms of black or white when many shades of gray exist between the two extremes which, if the gulf was to be linked even with one small isthmus of understanding, both sides could unite to work for Venezuela’s future lending not only infinite shades of gray to the political-economic canvas but also the multiplicity of vibrant colors which come together in the totality of everything that is good and noble about the Venezuela we each know and love.

I reiterate that we recognize the many good things that are happening in Venezuela … this does not negate the reality that Venezuela is a “work in progress” and that many things remain to be done, many attitudes require revision and various cancerous growths within the administration and beyond require urgent political surgery for the patient to survive through the next years of what must be intensive care.

It is also recognized that Venezuela has many enemies … inside and outside of Venezuela … inside and outside of the machinery of democratic government … each with their own particular reasons, of either ignorance or manipulative design, to wish to see Venezuela succumb and become more malleable to interests other than those who are truly working in the sovereign interests of the nation and the people of Venezuela as a whole. 

  • Like any other responsible publication anywhere in the world, we take pride in the fact that we do not ally ourselves with criminals, fraudsters and saboteurs. 

We recognize that it is an imperfect world and that it is our duty as well as that of each and every other person of goodwill, to seek perfection through a multiplicity of means, each of which must ultimately be answerable to the sovereign will of the people of Venezuela.