A colorful Presidential sash

A colorful Presidential sash had been ordered specially from Spain to be worn by the Military-Civilian Junta’s interim President Pedro Carmona Estanga who was also to be given the fullest use of the newly-acquired Presidential jet…

Executive Vice President Diosdado Cabello has shown the newly-discovered trophy to a small group of journalists and says “it clearly shows that the coup had been planned and there was nothing spontaneous about it.” 

Cabello reveals that an investigation into the April 11 killings will be undertaken … that he was meant to be the first victim … “we’re searching for TV footage from other angles other than the Televen shots of Bolivarian armed groups firing from the bridge.”  

The Organization of American States (OAS) has condemned the “alteration of constitutional order in Venezuela” and announced that general secretary Cesar Gaviria will visit the country today Monday to investigate events surrounding the coup. 

The OAS Permanent Council has expressed its solidarity with the Venezuelan people and evoked Democratic Charter Art.20. The Council has scheduled an extraordinary General Assembly session on Thursday, April 18 to receive the general secretary’s report. 

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