Why is the US government trying to rid Venezuelans of Hugo Chavez? commentarist Oscar Heck writes:  I had a dream … or maybe it was a nightmare … and it went like this.  I was at an opera house, a very large one which could accommodate millions of people, with balconies rising hundreds of stories into the sky.

The entire house was filled with people. 

The front seats were occupied by a huge audience holding up “American” flags.  Most of these people wore blue, white and red outfits and at least half of them carried bibles under their armpits. They stared straight forward toward the stage … as if hypnotized.  As I approached this portion of the crowd, I realized that many of them were blind … and I wondered why they would come to see an artistic performance if they could not see.

The rest of the audience was composed of people from many countries and cultures, their whiter-skinned people taking seats nearer the stage.

Toward the back, and toward the furthest balconies, sat the darker-skinned people.  Many whiter-skinned people also held flags, flags of their respective countries and some held up giant “American” flags which flapped in the wind making a noise that sounded like, “God Save America.”

I never realized that flags could actually produce sound.

Most of the darker-skinned people seemed poor and destitute … and most had no shoes or flags. Many were missing limbs.  Above flew what appeared to be ghosts of small children, some with heads missing and others without eyes.  They had white wings and chanted eerie songs which seemed to go unheard.

I took a seat near the front, amongst the zombie-like whiter-skinned people … and the show began.

There was a loud noise and sparks and explosions.  At first I though they were fireworks … but then I realized they were nuclear missiles being launched upward into the sky. Most of the whiter-skinned people stood up in unison and roared with joy … cheering at the performance as if each were a part of a larger animal. 

They then sat down and the curtains ripped open.

An army of perhaps one million tiny puppets appeared on stage … almost invisible to the eye.  Strings hung down from what appeared to be infinity … but there was no puppeteer … or at least it seemed that way.

The tiny puppets marched back and forth on stage in perfect harmony … chanting, We love freedom, liberty, peace and democracy. We hate evil, dictators, commies, insurgents and terrorists.”

At this point I said to myself, “Wait a minute, there is something not right here … I have heard all this before” … but I decided to tough it out and continue with the dream. 

I wanted to know how it ended.

I stood up and wailed, “Can I ask a question?”  No sooner had I asked the question, the entire audience hushed and sat down.  All the little robotic-looking puppets responded simultaneously, “Yes Oscar, you may, as many as you want… we love freedom, liberty, peace and democracy.”

I turned around and everyone was staring in amazement, as if it were an offence to ask the million or so puppets a question.  I began.

“I hear that the US government does not like Chavez?”

In harmony, the puppets responded, “We love freedom, liberty, peace and democracy.”

The people in the front rows (most of them) rose up and hurrahed … sending a tsunami-like wave of sound throughout the opera house.  The sound was so great that some of the people at the extremities of the hall and at the uppermost levels of the balconies either blew up or fell and landed splattered throughout the house.

“Is this why the US government doesn’t like Chavez?”

“Yes,” came the next response, “Because we love freedom, liberty, peace and democracy.”  Again, a huge roar rang through the crowd … and more people fell and got splattered, some of them landing on the pitchforks which some of the whiter-skinned people held.

“But Chavez is promoting human dignity and the enhancement of the lives of people … while the US government is promoting war, terrorism and greed … “

Before I could finish the sentence, “We love freedom, liberty, peace and democracy. We hate evil, dictators, commies, insurgents and terrorists!”  thundered the puppets with a much louder tone of voice … even though their voices were rather squeaky and high-pitched. The crowds roared even louder and more people began to fall off the high balconies.  Blood splattered everywhere … but it didn’t seem to bother most of the whiter-skinned, flag-pitchfork-and-bible-bearing folk in the front.  Of course, they were mostly blind, so they could not see the mess around them.

“If you believe in freedom, liberty, peace and democracy, why then does the USA send thousands of its own people to maim and assassinate millions of people throughout the world?”

“We love freedom, liberty, peace and democracy. We love freedom, liberty, peace and democracy. We love freedom, liberty, peace and democracy…” … and the crowd grew frantic, as if overwhelmed with a bizarre mixture of emotions such as joy, rage and lust. More people fell … and by this time, even some of the blind bible-carriers were slipping and falling due to the streams of blood that rained down from the skies.

“Why is the US government trying to rid Venezuelans of Hugo Chavez?”

The puppets went crazy, slipping and falling due to the rivers of blood which had by this time reached the stage.  The strings began to fall from above and many puppets lost all mobility … laying there in tiny piles of twisted balsa-wood body parts.

As the strings fell from above and as the blood showered inside the opera house, people began to panic … the blind people could not find the exits while simultaneously and inadvertently blocking the routes toward the exits for other audience members.

Even though people appeared to be screaming and yelling, slipping and dying, a sudden silence engulfed the opera house. 

A big squeaky voice with a funny accent was heard from above … and all the puppet strings landed on the stage. (By this time the tiny puppets lay dead in small blood-soaked clumps.)

The big squeaky voice with the funny accent bellowed, “We love freedom, liberty, peace and democracy” … then, suddenly, streams of fire belched out at full force across the audience … burning us all alive.  As I died, I could smell the stench of burning flesh … and I caught a glimpse of the huge horns on the head of the creature that spat fire.

The only ones who were spared were the sweet small angels with white wings whose voices were never heard.

This was only dream

Oscar Heck

What do you think?

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