We are in the presence of one of the largest pogroms in world history! commentarist Chris Herz writes: Venezuela has done the correct thing in ending her cooperation with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). This organization is a “maskirovka” for US imperial penetration of other countries via their police and military, and is in every way a poster-child for hypocrisy and for what I like to call hypocrisy … the evidence for this statement are simple and easy to demonstrate.

Whether in captured Iraq, captured Afghanistan, captured Colombia or in our own cities, the rampant drug trade which follows the advance of our armies is an advertisement of why we should all oppose the evil empire.

All the world’s peoples should understand clearly that we North Americans have no difficulty at home in using this campaign as the favored method of incarcerating poor Blacks, who certainly are not the ones who own the ships and aircraft that bring the stuff into our country.

And certainly, few Blacks own the banks which launder the monies gained from the world’s second largest industry.

Once large sums of money are accumulated in this or any other business, the proprietors are to be recognized as the elect of God, and thus as the only true American citizens. They certainly outrank those of us who merely were born and reared within the borders of the USA.

Drug abuse is just like alcohol abuse.

In fact, those committed to self-abuse and stupefaction, in the absence of drugs will turn to liquor. And, alas, I fear there are a few percent of the population of any country who will do these things no matter what we do; who are utterly determined to end up lying in the gutter. And in the absence of positive social values, this percentage is bound to rise, drastically.

The whole genius of our corporate state lies in the marginalization of whole classes and races of people, who in their agony turn to this form of escapism. The whole trick is to turn the force of state power against the poor whilst ignoring the crimes of the rich. And drug lords are very, very rich. Especially those who quickly learned to diversify their holdings; turning from drug peddling to money laundering.

The weird Anglo-Saxon notions of virtue, of good and evil are nowhere else so clearly evidenced.

In their own country they’ve decided that it is better to grow the prison population larger than that of university students just to demonstrate how tough they are on this form of dissipation.

  • Especially if selective enforcement in selected communities can be used to cripple the African-American population, the most liberal in our state.

At this moment, thanks to the “War on Drugs” we have a prison system eight times larger than that of the European Union and one that is 60% Black. What other facts do we need to demonstrate that what we call neo-conservatives here would be described as neo-Nazis anywhere else?

In fact the USA incarcerates a larger portion of its Black population than did the Nazi Reich Jews before their decision, ten years into the Hitler regime, as they faced military defeat, to go towards a policy of mass extermination. And Blacks in the USA are fully 12% of us. German Jews were but 0.6% of the pre-war Reich’s population.

We are, in fact in the presence of one of the largest pogroms in world history. One which is politically motivated. And one which is proceeding almost without negative comment from the leaders and the press of the rest of mankind. And God forbid, as the Empire descends into its spiral of defeat and ruin perhaps my countrymen will yet find their own chosen scapegoats, their own chosen people.

And it is agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration who are in the forefront of what we must call a new Waffen-SS … the storm-troopers of Empire.

Venezuelans have done themselves proud in getting these critters out of the country … reduce poverty, reduce ignorance and you reduce drug and alcohol abuse.

There is no real alternative…

But that is advice you will never hear from US agents.

Chris Herz

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