Let’s cut the crap … Niger does not have a large constituency in South Florida! commentarist Elio Cequea writes: The government of the United States has proclaimed trough officials of the State Department that they have overwhelming evidences that Venezuela and Cuba are meddling in Bolivia’s internal affairs.

The way they stated it, it sounds like that the information comes from “intelligence” reports.

  • It also sounds like the governments of Venezuela and Cuba are doing something terribly wrong.

Whether these countries are “meddling” or not is not the focus of this article … instead of that, I will focus in the contradictions of those making the “meddling” accusations.

The US State Department officials indicated that Venezuela and Cuba, are trying to disrupt the political stability of the region. At the same time, in the very same offices of the US State Department, the long-lasting political stabilities of Cuba and Venezuela are blatantly being threatened … this is being done in the presence and with the approval of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and president George Bush.

There is no need for an intelligence report to confirm the involvement of the US government in the on-going attempt to disrupt the political order in Venezuela.

  • The support of the White House to the Venezuelan opposition is well-documented in the national and the international media.

This support to the opposition is not motivated by bogus desires of “liberty and freedom” for the Venezuelan people. There is already liberty and freedom in Venezuela.

If an open call for rebellion against the government that does not result in the immediate arrest of a citizen is not a sign of freedom, I do not know what “freedom” actually might be.

This support to the Venezuelan opposition can not be motivated either by the phony hope of bringing democracy to the country … Venezuelan citizens have democratically expressed their support to the government of Hugo Chavez in more than one occasion … actually, nine times in a row!

If that is not a testimony of democracy, I need an explanation.

And I do not mean and explanation of what “real democracy” and “legitimacy of performance” are.

With regards to Cuba, it is now official … there is a “Cuban Transition Coordinator” … a Cuban “government” Transition Coordinator that is…

Someone in Washington has decided that the Cuban government must be changed … the “democratic” decision was made with the support and the consent of the majority of the Cuban community … in Southern Florida!

In a ceremony that took place in the US State Department’s Treaty Room, The Honorable Condoleezza Rice introduced Caleb McCarry, alias “the Coordinator” to the media. Well-known leaders of the Cuban (Florida) community were present.

  • It is worth noting the presence of US Representative Lincoln Diaz-Balart and US Senator Mel Martinez … both represent Florida, but apparently spend more time representing their Cubans friends who want to overthrow Fidel Castro.
  • It is also worth mentioning the presence in the ceremony of Roger Noriega … he is the same individual who a week earlier made public the concerns of the US State Department about the “meddling” of Venezuela and Cuba in the internal affairs of Bolivia.

The short ceremony was filled with remarkable quotes … the master of ceremony indicated that it was an “important occasion for advancing president Bush’s freedom agenda in the Americas and on the beautiful island of Cuba.”

Condoleezza Rice’s words could not go unnoticed … she shared some words of wisdom with the audience: “I’m very often asked why the president put so much emphasis on democracy around the world. And there’s a very clear answer to that. We, as Americans, have been privileged to know what it means to have the human dignity that comes only from living in liberty and freedom. It’s not always easy and it can take time. The man behind me, Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of America, said that the God, who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time.”

“It is because Americans believe that liberty and freedom and the right to live in human dignity are not America’s gifts but gifts from the Creator that we place so much emphasis and so much effort on the promotion of democracy around the world.”

As I was finishing this article, I heard a report about the African country of Niger. This is a famine-stricken country where the United Nations says 3.5 million people … more than a quarter of the population … are malnourished. At this very moment, 1.2 million people in that country are facing starvation.

Mrs. Rice, Mr. Bush, why don’t you spend more of your good-hearted energy bringing “freedom and democracy” to the people of Niger?

They seem to have a greater need for that than the people of Cuba and Venezuela.

Or, shall we be honest?

Let’s cut the crap and openly recognize that Niger does not have a large constituency in South Florida. Or, more importantly, let’s recognize the fact that they do not have the blessing of your attention because they do not have one ounce of O-I-L.

With regards to credibility, Cuban Transition Coordinator Caleb McCarry has a tough job ahead of him. In his acceptance speech he pointed out that “For 46 years, the dictatorship has willfully and cruelly divided the Cuban family.”

Bush is, however, the one who limited the trips to visit relatives in Cuba to once every three years!

Elio Cequea

What do you think?

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