The TRUTH should hit the wires quicker than Al Qaeda planes the Twin Towers… editor & publisher Roy S. Carson writes: A senior Venezuelan government official has admitted to that “Venezuela is facing an almost impossible situation where powerful interests in the foreign and domestic media are distorting each and every move the government makes to push our nation’s progress forward.”

The government is both peeved and perplexed by mainstream media coverage of the Luis Posada Carriles affair, although officials somewhat reluctantly recognize that the United States was never likely to turn over a CIA operative for trial in Venezuela … no matter how many lives were lost in the 1976 bombing of an airliner.

“They simply will NOT recognize that we do not torture prisoners in Venezuela … in fact Venezuela was one of the first countries in our hemisphere to do away with the death penalty … and even if Posada Carriles were to be convicted for his self-confessed crimes, the fact that he is over 70 years of age means that he would serve any sentence handed down by a court of law under house arrest.”

Much of the problem, officials say, is focused on the fact that the leading international wire services are of United States origin … or based in the United States as regards their coverage of what’s supposedly happening in the southern continent.  “There are obvious distortions from a cultural point of view … it is perhaps natural that stories are written from a United States perspective with little or no regard given to what a South American readership sees as its priority.

Point is given to the wall-to-wall coverage given to the Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita disasters … when compared to the scant coverage given to the (Venezuelan) Vargas tragedy in 1999 there is basically no contest.   When an airliner goes down in Colombia killing two hundred passengers, the headlines screech the fate of a couple of passengers from New York or Los Angeles … “it’s as if the other 198 passengers and crew simply didn’t exist on US wire service radars.”

On British television last week, a US Hurricane-wearied chat show commentator asked would we even know (or care!) about a similar disaster in Tibet?  Basically non-existent US wire service coverage of human disasters in China, Bangladesh or Burkino Faso are are quoted as clear illustrations.

The predominant US wire service coverage of Venezuelan affairs is doubly dictated by the fact that the news feedstock from Caracas to AP’s 450 W. 33rd St., New York headquarters is gleaned mostly from the local Venezuelan media (with opposition-controlled El Universal and El Nacional providing the flow of copy for AP translators to taste).  Add to the obvious opposition bias the extra ingredient of gringo-isms it’s small wonder that what’s dished out to “more than one billion readers worldwide” is distinctly out of kilter with the wire service’s ambition to provide “distinctive news services of the highest quality, reliability and objectivity with reports that are accurate, balanced and informed.”

“Balance” already went out the window at the AP office in Caracas along with “accuracy,” “balance,” “objectivity” and “reliability” as North American Stock Market players have experience in recent days with Reuters, Bloomberg playing catch-up (ketchup) in a wave of disinformation and subterfuge.

Yes, it has been reported correctly that Venezuela’s new state mining company expects to start up operations on January 1, “taking over inactive mining concessions as part of a government overhaul of the industry.”

Basic Industries & Mining Minister Victor Alvarez had told TeleSur (South America’s answer to CNN/Fox) that the Venezuelan government is conducting “an exhaustive review” of mining concessions and contracts to see which fields will be transferred to the new company.

So far so good…

What was, in fact, a basic statement by the minister in charge of Basic Industries & Mines was, however, portrayed by the wire services as Armageddon when reality shows it is part of a process to regulate a sector that has been polluted for decades by corruption and political mis-management.  Far from being cataclysmic for existing lawful foreign and domestic interests in Venezuela, the move is rather one towards a situation that will bring an unruly pack of deviant interests into line in a “put up or shut up” situation where they either activate the assets and provide local jobs and tax revenues or lose it.

Gold miners Bolivar Gold, Hecla and Crystallex International were hit by the Tsunami of US-centric misreporting also aided by stock market manipulators using every deceit (and more) in the book to plunder and pillage their fellow traders like bloodhounds closing in on a stag for the kill, ripping flesh from bone with no regard for subtleties like integrity, honesty and human values.

In their blood lust for gold, the speculators didn’t stop for a second to consider the considerable weight to be placed on what was reported as a minor codicil by the mainstream US media … namely that although “all concessions and contracts (without exception) are being submitted to a review … those that can’t justify their current inactivity will expire or be rescinded!”

  • Logical interpretations of what was said would certainly lead one to the certainty that existing operators who are both active and progressing with their investments in Venezuelan mining (or the oil sector for that matter too!) will be able to sleep easy at night!

Basic Industries & Mines Minister Victor Alvarez has already said he wants to see Venezuela’s rich mineral resources of gold and precious stones exploited in the hands of responsible investors who are mindful of the jurisdiction of Venezuelan law, both he and his government want jobs provided for the locals and infrastructure, houses, hospitals and schools built to boost the economy … not just of the Guayana region of southeastern Venezuela but the country as a whole.

Were it not for the incompetence and incapacity of wire service hacks and others in Venezuela’s media machinations, the TRUTH would have hit the wires quicker than Al Qaeda planes hitting the Twin Towers. 

The question remains though, just what does it take to get honest reporting out of the US and Venezuelan mainstream media or it just another myth that needs a quick burial in the face of black bag disinformation.

Roy S. Carson

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