War is coming to Venezuela … and there is nothing you or I can do to stop it! commentarist Chris Herz writes: I suppose the verdict by the immigration judge to allow terrorist Posada Carilles to remain in the USA was inevitable. No way the CIA or the rest of the national insecurity state here can allow even the public interrogation of such a person.

And I am sure the Bolivarian government have made their contingency plans. Their response to this latest US insult to Venezuela, now officially certified by this court as the sort of nation which tortures its prisoners, cannot be long delayed. I shall be interested to see what it is to be.

There are really no relations at government to government level between Venezuela and the USA. For proper relations between peoples and nations are always based on law and an healthy mutual respect for national sovereignty.

These attitudes are wholly lacking on the US side.

In fact neither the US authorities nor any other potential leadership even dreams that the USA lack the right to order the affairs of other nations. Particularly the nations of the southern portion of our common hemisphere.

Particularly nations having resources which we covet.

Furthermore the US corporate press and electronic media are carrying-on every day a campaign against the Fifth Republic reminiscent of the worst that PRAVDA or TASS ever managed in the glory days of the Soviet Union. This level of disinformatsia can have but one purpose.

  • Only the absence of the US Army in Iraq prevents even more hostile measures being undertaken against Venezuela.

Of course, the escalating violence in Iraq shows the true nature of the US state and its interest in the acquisition of the lands and resources of others. And exposes likewise its total disinterest in the consequences, economic and political alike.

I know that the severance of diplomatic relations is a serious measure. It is used among nations only as the last measure short of war. But the US state is at war across the whole world for the last shreds of its post World War II hegemony, and its tactical defeat in Iraq, which it must soon recognize with a disorderly departure, will leave it in even greater political disorder and economic disarray at home.

At that point, to survive it must fall back on the resources available in its own backyard … that means Venezuela.

War is coming, and there is nothing you or I can do to stop it.

Only the complete collapse of the existing corporate/oligarchical order in the USA can do that, and this cannot happen without a fight, probably without many fights, of which the one in Iraq is only one. I am so very, very sorry about this but facts are facts, and however serious these matters may be, to face them boldly is far better than living in a dream-world.

Venezuela’s leaders starting with President Hugo Chavez Frias are much more competent than those of the US and must have thought long and hard on these matters, and I am sure they will do their duty for Venezuela and for the maintenance of the peace as long as possible.

But all should be prepared for the worst.

Chris Herz

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