Maybe deep down inside you know that Venezuela is going down the drain

Who are you kidding? Advertising yourself as 100% apolitical. All you do on your website is lie to the public about how good Chavez’ government is. If it is so good, how come you are in the so hatred “imperialist” country you Chavistas hate so much and not in Venezuela?

Maybe because deep down inside you know that Venezuela is going down the drain, just take a quick look at the school system, I can send you thousands of pictures of the “well equipped and beautiful” schools there, I wouldn’t even send my dogs there.

My mother in-law is 69 years old and applied for her pension and was told right in her face to forget about it because she was on the Maisanta list … meaning she signed to have a Referendum.

Now, is that what you call a democratic government?

How about the vocabulary the so called President and Vice-President use to talk to the people? Have you ever heard someone half-way decent saying on national TV that after the December 3 election he will play “rojo” and then “piragua” with members of the opposition?

Please find out what those two “games” mean…

I can keep going on and on, but I don’t want to waste my time talking to communists living in a “free” country. If you want to report FAIR news, go and live in Venezuela or Cuba and then you can do a unbiased job.

  • By the way, get the facts straight about Rosales’ “avalancha,” more than 250,000.00 people gathered in Caracas to support him … nobody paid them … or threatened them to go … they went on their own free will.

You couldn’t say the same thing about the “Queen’s parade” the following day, even though the officialism threatens government employees and pays others to attend their meetings, they barely had 2,000 people there … and I’m being generous with the number.

Last thing I need to mention, as you may already know, Rosales’ slogan is “Dare,” now, how low can a government get and how biased is the CNE (National Electoral Committee) by allowing the airing of a “campaign ad” that at the end of it states “Dare and you’ll regret it.”

Does that sound like a threat to you or not?

Feel free to email me if you want, but ONLY if your reply is an intelligent and fact’s-based one.

Coky Hurtado

VHeadline editor & publisher Roy S. Carson responds: Thank you for your letter, Coky, which we have no hesitation to publish since it reveals a contrarian point-of-view which we accept but do not necessarily share.  Where on earth did you get the outlandish figure you quote for last Saturday’s march in support of Rosales?  Perhaps the same source that gave you the figures for Sunday’s turn-out?  I’m quite sure our reporters and correspondents in Venezuela will be glad to hear that they are living in a free country — yes, Venezuela is! — but they will dispute your insinuation that they are “communists” simply because they write from a pro-Democracy perspective in support of Venezuela’s sovereign independence and the rule of law … as do, indeed, the rest of us involved in’s 24/7 production.  Yes, our WWW servers are in Vancouver (Canada) and our domain registration is in the United States.  Yes, we have VOIP numbers for the convenience of readers in North America and Europe but, without any doubt, we are more well-connected with Venezuela’s realities up close and from afar than, apparently, your goodself in Lakeland, Florida … which, I expect, explains the general tenor of your note!
Roy S. Carson

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