Come on, don’t swallow all the CNN and Globovision stuff in such a naive way commentarist Franco Munini writes:  Ladies, why bother our editor Roy Carson with those rants of yours, attacking him … because he happens not to live in USA? Now, let’s talk about us terrorized Venezuelans, just look at me, I’m so scared that my face appears on every article of mine…

But it’s not Chavez, but Georgie II the guy that I fear.

Stacy, please do not misuse the term “American” to describe yourself and your fellow citizens: you are USAmericans, although I hope for the day we’ll all be named only Americans under a socialist government based at communal levels from Alaska to the Malvinas Islands.

Coky, (what a name! Are you ashamed of latino names?), international press agencies calculated the “Avalancha” attendance at 10,000. There were choppers getting the full, live aerial pictures from the air.

No comparison with the “Red Sea” cheering Hugo the next day.

  • Come on, don’t swallow all the CNN and Globovision stuff in such a naive way, can’t you see the manipulation?

Nevertheless, I would love to see a true opposition in the political horizon: Rosales was, perhaps on purpose, the worst they could come up with. He seems to be working for Chavez, and God forgive him when he opens his mouth!

By the way, why are you outside Venezuela?

If you want to help, come back and fight for what you believe in … but don’t bring terrorism here. It’s time for commitment, for exchange of points of view AFTER a deep study and knowledge of present days’ Venezuela and the story that produced this situation … something that can’t be done from a detached position.

That’s the only way to criticize (as I do) and correct the mistakes.

Chavez will win the next elections … if there are any.

I hope Rosales, who asked that he may return to his post as governor of Zulia State if he lost (if he thinks about losing, why is he in the race?) stands to his word to go all the way.

But with these pawns, who knows?

Franco Munini

What do you think?

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