How can one trust a brutal government that has no respect or tolerance for the media?

Dear Mr. Patrick O’Donoghue,

I am writing you give constructive feedback and to express my disappointment in regards to your article “UK tabloid: Tamil Tigers setting up government-in-exile office in Caracas” written on May 20, 2010.

Your article is baseless (the Tigers are wiped out! it is all over the news!) and seems to be written out of thin air without any investigative journalism conducted in any shape or form.

Given the history of discrimination and violence Tamils have faced in the hands of the ultra-nationalist Sinhala regime over the past 60+ years, I think it is unfair to base your so called “tips” and facts on what the Sri Lankan government envoy in Cuba claims.

I think it is evident that any voice heard from the SL government’s side holds bigotry and is deceiving.

At the same time I am not vouching for you to only talk to the Tamils either … what I am urging you to do is to be more mindful of the impact that your work has on influencing people’s thoughts and turn to investigative journalism instead of pulling filth out of the SL government’s mouth while propagating stereotypes about Tamil people being “terrorists.”

Us Tamils have suffered for many generations and it is quite frustrating to be always portrayed in the media as the outcasts, terrorists, savages etc.

As a Tamil it is hard for peace loving individuals like myself to simply stand aside and watch while you denigrate us on a continuous basis using the powerful tool, the media. Our youth (and community as a whole = millions!) are suffering the brunt of the reactions caused by such problematic and misleading articles, and we would like to see an end to this.

More importantly, I am sure that you are aware of the fact that many Sri Lankan journalists live in exile and their lives are seriously threatened under this oppressive government.

How can one, especially the media, trust a brutal government that has no respect or tolerance for the media?

I am really curious to hear your response to this. I hope you understand the underlying message to conduct more investigative journalism as opposed to writing low quality articles that are “hot news” or “profit making news.”

Thank you.

Kasthury Das

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