John Smartt // Opposition with no vision of empowering the people to govern

Thank you Oscar for gently but decisively taking all the teeth out of Mr. Carson’s article. Since I do not know of any book that you have written, I will read the ones you suggested.

To continue regarding the article: In his last two paragraphs, Mr. Carson conflates NEW revolution and the efforts of the opposition.

Purging “the administration of its abomination of thieves and robbers and to return to President Hugo Chavez’ original ambition of empowering the people to govern, their own destiny” can only happen through Chavez and PSUV. Because ONLY Chavez and PSUV have the vision of empowering the people to govern…

The opposition has no stated vision, only proposed this or proposed that and anti anything Chavista. The reason their vision is hidden is that if they made their intentions clear they would never ever win any election. The last time they had control (2002) they got rid of democracy, the courts, the constitution and began hunting down Chavistas. The time before that (for 40 years before Chavez) they ran a fake democracy with horrible consequences for most Venezuelans.

As for “reinvigorated,” Mr. Carson tepidly reveals how the opposition has been reinvigorated -­ “even if they have received pecuniary and moral support from inside the US State Department.” Reinvigorated by the USA State Department does not equal a vision of empowering the people to govern. On the contrary, the only vision coming from the State Department is USA control.

When compared by the facts, I see two choices:

1) PSUV with a vision of empowering the people to govern, many successes, lots of corruption, or

2) Opposition with no vision of empowering the people to govern, no successes, lots of corruption.

John Smartt

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