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  • Feb292004

    Venezuela’s National Elections Council (CNE) test statistics project only verified 1,472,200 signatures to petition a recall referendum against President Hugo Chavez Frias

    National Elections Council (CNE) principal director Jorge Rodriguez has told reporters that a “process of repair” will take place March…

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  • Feb292004

    Strengthened Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias tells George W. Bush to back-off; keep his nose out of Venezuela’s domestic political affairs

    In a stronger-worded speech than usual, President Hugo Chavez Frias has warned US President George W. Bush to “back off”…

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  • Dec312003

    Christingle 2003 — December 21, 2003

    Last week Jan and I went to the Christmas concert at Emil Friedman’s Music School. I can’t remember if it…

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  • Dec242003

    Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

    One of the loveliest presents you can give a child is a prism. Not only does it teach the physics…

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  • Sep262003

    American Reporter claims exclusive: Did Venezuela shoot down US spy plane?

    Datelined Bradenton (Florida, USA), American Reporter correspondent Joe Shea claims that an American OV-10 spy plane was shot down over…

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  • Sep212003

    Venezuelan Military Intelligence says overwhelming evidence the CIA planned to bring down Chavez Frias’ airplane en route to United Nations in New York

    Details behind the sudden decision to cancel President Hugo Chavez Frias’ next-week trip to Washington D.C. and New York (to…

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  • Sep142003

    Holy Cross Day

    The actor Mel Gibson has made a film about the Crucifixion of Jesus. I am told that he sees most…

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  • Jun182003

    Venezuelan move to replace US$ with the €uro upsetting Washington more than Saddam’s €uro conversion last November editor & publisher Roy S. Carson writes: A move by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias to replace the US$…

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  • Jun042003

    Report from a report reported in a report that was reported by another newspaper

    Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 10:46:38 -0500 From: Elio Cequea To: Subject: I still don’t see your problem…

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  • Apr202003

    The true meaning of our Venezuelan Bolivarian Circles

    USA-based commentarist Alvaro Sanchez writes: At times, some Venezuelans, as well as non-Venezuelans, seem to forget the real promises made…

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