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  • Sep122010

    John Smartt // Opposition with no vision of empowering the people to govern

    Thank you Oscar for gently but decisively taking all the teeth out of Mr. Carson’s article. Since I do not…

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  • May252010

    How can one trust a brutal government that has no respect or tolerance for the media?

    Dear Mr. Patrick O’Donoghue, I am writing you give constructive feedback and to express my disappointment in regards to your…

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  • Oct122006

    Maybe deep down inside you know that Venezuela is going down the drain

    Who are you kidding? Advertising yourself as 100% apolitical. All you do on your website is lie to the public…

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  • Jun042003

    Report from a report reported in a report that was reported by another newspaper

    Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 10:46:38 -0500 From: Elio Cequea To: Subject: I still don’t see your problem…

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