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  • Jul232009

    Knowing what is unknowable

    Knowing god Do you remember what it was like at school? What I remember is the smell of the classroom,…

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  • Feb022009


    We should never underestimate the ability that people have to adapt to new situations. The Romans made a calculated attempt…

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  • Mar072007

    Proper 11, Trinity 5 Beyond all hope

    We can be certain of one thing and that is we are not perfect human beings. Some are very imperfect…

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  • Sep282006

    Communications improving between Venezuelan church and state officials…

    While church-state relations in Venezuela are improving, the country’s bishops still have serious concerns over issues such as the growing…

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  • Sep282006

    Cardinal closes First Plenary Council aimed at reforming the Church News Editor Patrick J. O’Donoghue writes:  Closing the Venezuelan Roman Catholic Plenary Council, Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino says the…

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  • Feb232006

    The Advice Center

    I am reading a biography of John Adams, the 18th century American leader who played a vital role in the…

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  • Dec312003

    Christingle 2003 — December 21, 2003

    Last week Jan and I went to the Christmas concert at Emil Friedman’s Music School. I can’t remember if it…

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  • Dec242003

    Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

    One of the loveliest presents you can give a child is a prism. Not only does it teach the physics…

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  • Sep142003

    Holy Cross Day

    The actor Mel Gibson has made a film about the Crucifixion of Jesus. I am told that he sees most…

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