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  • Sep262003

    American Reporter claims exclusive: Did Venezuela shoot down US spy plane?

    Datelined Bradenton (Florida, USA), American Reporter correspondent Joe Shea claims that an American OV-10 spy plane was shot down over…

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  • Jun182003

    Venezuelan move to replace US$ with the €uro upsetting Washington more than Saddam’s €uro conversion last November editor & publisher Roy S. Carson writes: A move by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias to replace the US$…

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  • Feb232003

    How Globovision Channel 33 manipulates the News commentarist Oscar Heck writes: I would like to give some examples of the fashion in which many (if not…

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  • Dec122002

    USA intelligence agencies revealed in plot to oust Venezuela’s President : Thursday, December 12, 2002 — Uruguayan EP-FA congressman Jose Bayardi says he has information that far-reaching plans have…

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  • Aug012002

    PDVSA privatization was top priority for April 11 coup d’etat conspirators : Thursday, August 1, 2002 — The privatization of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) was a top priority for April…

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  • Jun182002

    The presence of 50 tanks in Fuerte Tiuna should not alarm the public.

    “The presence of 50 tanks in Fuerte Tiuna should not alarm the public.” President Hugo Chavez Frias has met Movimiento…

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  • Jun022002

    Five Truths about April 11 : Sunday, June 2, 2002 — I would like to point out a series of truths about the current…

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  • Apr152002

    A colorful Presidential sash

    A colorful Presidential sash had been ordered specially from Spain to be worn by the Military-Civilian Junta’s interim President Pedro…

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  • Apr142002

    Chavez Frias return to power will not be marked by hatred or recriminations

    President Hugo Chavez Frias has assured Venezuelans that his return to power will not be marked by hatred or recriminations.…

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  • Apr132002

    We manifest the following : Saturday, April 13, 2002 — Invoking the 1999 Constitution and instruments of international human rights protection signed by…

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