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We at VHeadline.com seek to give every assistance to positive developments and progress that affects Venezuela’s future without the entanglements of party-political allegiances.

It is unfortunate that the majority of Venezuela’s media today is partisan on one side or the other of the political chasm or divide, seeing things in simplistic terms of black or white when many shades of gray exist between the two extremes which, if the gulf was to be linked even with one small isthmus of understanding, both sides could unite to work for Venezuela’s future lending not only infinite shades of gray to the political-economic canvas but also the multiplicity of vibrant colors which come together in the totality of everything that is good and noble about the Venezuela we each know and love.

I reiterate that we recognize the many good things that are happening in Venezuela … this does not negate the reality that Venezuela is a “work in progress” and that many things remain to be done, many attitudes require revision and various cancerous growths within the administration and beyond require urgent political surgery for the patient to survive through the next years of what must be intensive care.

It is also recognized that Venezuela has many enemies … inside and outside of Venezuela … inside and outside of the machinery of democratic government … each with their own particular reasons, of either ignorance or manipulative design, to wish to see Venezuela succumb and become more malleable to interests other than those who are truly working in the sovereign interests of the nation and the people of Venezuela as a whole.

Like any other responsible publication anywhere in the world, we take pride in the fact that we do not ally ourselves with criminals, fraudsters and saboteurs.

We recognize that it is an imperfect world and that it is our duty as well as that of each and every other person of goodwill, to seek perfection through a multiplicity of means, each of which must ultimately be answerable to the sovereign will of the people of Venezuela.

VHeadline.com Venezuela is a wholly independent e-publication promoting democracy in its fullest expression and the inalienable right of all Venezuelans to self-determination and the pursuit of sovereign independence without interference. Our stance is decidedly pro-governance (defined as being contrary to anarchy) and pro-government to the extent that we support all and any government policies aimed at consolidating and improving the living conditions and future prosperity of ALL Venezuelans, regardless of race, color or creed. We also seek to shed an international spotlight on nefarious practices and corruption which, for decades, has strangled this South American nation’s development and progress. In every respect VHeadline Venezuela’s declared editorial bias is most definitely pro-Constitutional, pro-Democracy and pro-VENEZUELA.