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    Are Lenovo computers any good? The simple answer is no! If you are thinking about buying a new lenovo computer or laptop then my advice to would be to avoid lenovo and save your self a lot of stress. I recently bought a lenovo computer and if you want the truth (rather than some disingenuous amazon affiliate review which will say anything to make you click their affiliate links and buy a computer) it is the worst computer I have ever bought! Lenovo computers are made using extremely cheap and stripped down parts which makes them extremely slow and useless even at browsing the internet. To be honest I did not do very much research on CPUS and what makes a good computer before I bought mine as I just looked at the price and what the computer looked like which was a very foolish thing to do. BUT that is the whole point of lenovo, Lenovo makes it money by ripping off people who do not know anything about computers.. so can get away with putting the worst parts in them.
    Lenovo also preinstall a number of adware programs onto your computer such as snapfish which helps them make even more money from you as you use your computer……
    plus if that wasn’t enough they also preinstall pointless bloatware/spyware programs such as “lenovo support centre” onto your computer which randomly scans your computer every-now again for no reason at all and usually crashes it because lenovo cannot even cope with running its own spyware (I had to write this article twice because lenovo decided that it needed to scan my computer which resulted in word crashing before I had chance to save my work, this happens a lot!)!
    In the first week of getting my new computer I started getting blue screens of death appearing on start up which made me have to reset the computer to factory settings and loose all my work that I did on the computer… this happened a number of times. I then decided to ring lenovo support to see if they could give me a refund because my computer was not fit for purpose and had some defect which was causing these blue screens of deaths to occur but the support guy on the phone without even looking at my computer was very rude and refused to help me and said that there was nothing wrong with my computer and I was not allowed to return it. If you look on Trustpilot you can read a whole bunch of reviews by people who have had the same experience as me and who have been screwed over by lenovo who refuse to give them a refund for defective computers even though they have to as part of the consumers rights act.
    Which means that I am left with an extremely slow and frustrating computer which could stop working and a blue screen of death could emerge at any time.

    The lesson of this rant is simple, DO NOT BUY A LENOVO ANYTHING!

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