In an Associated Press (AP) dispatch the United States government has said it will open up an investigation into allegations made by Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez Frias relative to conspiracy to assassinate him.  Chavez Frias has said that “terrorist groups” in southern Florida have allied with Miami-based anti-Castro radicals.

USA Caracas Ambassador
Charles Shapiro

Amazingly US Ambassador to Venezuela, Charles S. Shapiro says “it is not necessarily a crime … but we are in the full process of collecting information and we must follow all legal procedures … if there is anyone to blame, our government knows what to do!”

With typical Washington cover-up rhetoric, Shapiro shakily admits that he has received information that “some Venezuelans have been receiving military training in the United States.”  He further admits that the information was also published in a Miami newspaper a year ago … but remains remarkably silent as to why no action was taken by proper authorities Stateside.  “We’re not going to take action against anybody … we haven’t been able to make any headway!”

President Chavez Frias was forced to cancel his scheduled trip to the United Nations in New York on September 24 after intelligence agencies revealed a CIA-backed plot against the President’s plane en route to the General Assembly.  Chavez asked the United States to investigate his allegations, at the same time reiterating earlier requests that President George W. Bush should stop interfering in Venezuela’s affairs.

“They are conspiring against Venezuela in the United States,” Chavez Frias said in a national television broadcast … “the peoples of this continent need to know that their (USA) terrorists are preparing an attack against Venezuela!”