Strengthened Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias tells George W. Bush to back-off; keep his nose out of Venezuela’s domestic political affairs

In a stronger-worded speech than usual, President Hugo Chavez Frias has warned US President George W. Bush to “back off” and keep his nose out of Venezuela’s domestic political affairs.  Bolstered by a tremendous show of support from hundreds of thousands of government loyalists who paraded from Parque del Este to the Botanical Gardens today, Chavez Frias was emboldened to say “Here is Venezuela in the spirit of the Liberator Simon Bolivar to say NO to Yanqui interventionism, to say no to Mr. Bush, to his invading, imperialist and colonial regime … and we will tell him that here is the people of Simon Bolivar and we will keep on telling him.”

“I’m ready to bet in bolivares or dollars, whichever he wants, that I will be President in the Miraflores Palace longer than he will be resident at the White House in Washington D.C.” Chavez Frias said to thunderous applause from thousands upon thousands gathered to see and hear him where only two days ago, violent opposition rebels had fought running battles with the National Guard (GN) in their futile attempts to break through security cordons to create mayhem and havoc at the 12th Group of 15 (G-15) Summit at the Caracs Hilton Hotel close nearby.

President Chavez Frias highlighted the fact that the US administration has already plotted invasions and genocide against the people of the world from inside the White House in Washington … “and at the same time they manipulate the media, embassies and incite to hatred between brother nations against each other.”

“Just recently they have been inciting the Venezuelan people and the military against our Guayana neighbors … we are NOT going to invade any country … we are in the vanguard of a liberation process in America and we will not invade anyone … on the contrary, once more I am calling for the integration of the Latin American people and the Caribbean nations because it is only in this way, united, that we can gain the necessary force to confront whatever imperialist venture they may throw at us.”

“These imperialists do not even draw back from such extremes as killing their own leaders, like President John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther KIng … the perversion of their system is already within their own United States borders … even US Secretary of State Colin Powell has been forced to withdraw from the presidential election race since as a colored he had severe and dangerous detractors … he preferred to withdraw rather than be assassinated … and this comes from one of the leading strategists from the 1st Gulf War.”

President Hugo Chavez Frias urges the people of the United States to themselves urge their governors to respect the peoples of the world … especially now that the United States government should be more worried about their own domestic-political problems instead of interfering in the sovereign business of other countries like Venezuela.”

From tomorrow, March 1, Chavez Frias says a series of campaigns will be begun in 22 countries around Latin America, Europe and in the United States itself, against the Bush 2 government’s interventionism and in solidarity with Venezuela’s sovereign independence.

Protests will take place in Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Mar de Plata in Argentina; Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia; Brasilia and San Pablo in Brazil; Santiago de Chile; Bogota and Barranquilla in Colombia; San Jose, Costa Rica; two larger cities in Ecuador, along with El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

Also in Ciudad de Mexico, Merida, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Puebla and Zacateca in Mexico; Washington, Los Angeles, Miami, Ohio and Boston in the USA plus Madrid, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Burgos, Gran Canaria and Barcelona, in Spain; Berlin, Germany and Marseille in France.

National Guard (GN) troops take defensive position on Avenida Luis Roche at Altamira (Caracas) as violent demonstrators pin them down with gunfire, stones and other projectiles, Sunday, February 29