ABN: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Qatari Emir Sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa al Thani signed a memorandum to establish a High Level Joint Commission to consolidate and strengthen friendly relations, as well as to promote bilateral cooperation.

According to the document, the Commission will be in charge of defining the basis to promote relations between both countries in all aspects: political, social, economic, commercial, cultural, scientific, technical, information and education.

The Commission will also be committed to following up on all agreements between Venezuela and Qatar, maintaining bilateral communication in case of any difficulties and facilitating the exchange of experiences and information. Additionally, it will be in charge of stimulating negotiations to promote bilateral cooperation.

The High Level Joint Commission will be led by the Foreign Affairs Minister of Venezuela and Qatar, Ali Rodriguez Araque and Ahmed Bin Adbullah Al-Mahmoud respectively, and will hold an ordinary session every two years in either country.

The memorandum highlights that the Commission will be able to establish, when necessary, other sub-committees and temporary or permanent work groups to carry out certain responsibilities.

“Recommendations for additional sub-committees and work groups must be submitted to the High Level Commission to be ratified,” the document states.

The memorandum was signed during a private meeting between the Venezuelan President and the Emir of Qatar at the Sheraton Doha Hotel.

Others present at the meeting were Foreign Affairs (MRE) Minister Rodriguez Araque, Media Minister Andres Izarra and Trade & Light Industries Minister Edmee Betancourt.