Prensa Latina writes: New US threats to use force to choke the Bolivarian process and assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez triggered new protests in Venezuela.

The ex CIA agent, Felix Rodriguez, speaking to a television channel in Miami, Florida, confirmed that Washington would take economic and military actions against Venezuela, including assassination.

Rodriguez said that he expected to participate in a CIA command to end with the life of the Venezuelan president. US military forces could launch a pre-emptive air strike to assassinate Chavez, he indicated.

Venezuela’s Communication & Information Minister Andres Izarra denounced the shameless public announcement of plans to kill Chavez. Such public behavior is tolerated by the US government without taking any measures to stop it, he denounced.

  • It is the second time the same TV show is used to spread news over an elaborate plan of the White House to attack Venezuela and its leaders.

Despite the flimsy denial by representatives of the Bush administration, there are no restrictions in the US to stop statements of this nature, while statements of protest by Caracas are never taken into account.

Rodriguez was personally involved in the assassination of Ernesto Che Guevara at a small school in the Bolivian mountains, after the guerrilla fighter had been wounded and captured in battle.

Venezuela will take legal actions in the US to demand an end of this kind of politically malicious campaign. It also warned its people of the US plans.