Chavez Frias return to power will not be marked by hatred or recriminations

President Hugo Chavez Frias has assured Venezuelans that his return to power will not be marked by hatred or recriminations.

At 4:35 a.m. this morning local time the 47-year-old President appeared in a TV and radio broadcast to the nation from Miraflores accompanied by his Cabinet and the representatives of established public authorities.

“To God that which is God’s, to Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to the (Venezuelan) people that which belongs to the people!”

Visibly emotional, Chavez Frias greeted his Executive Vice President Diosdado Cabello and said “I was surely afraid for your safety … I am still in a state of shock and trying to take in this counter-counter-revolutionary process … so many things have happened over the last three days!”

“I send a message from the depths of my heart to Venezuela and the world that his palace is the Venezuelan people … the people have retaken this palace and they will not be removed!”

“I have to say that what has happened in Venezuela over these last few hours is unique in the world …. the Venezuelan people and its Armed Forces have written a new page in Venezuelan history … and what a great page! It is an example of how a nation has definitely woken up and will not allow (subversive) manipulations to continue.”

Chavez Frias has called on all Venezuelans to return to their homes and remain calm … “they have told me that there have been riots and looting … we are going home to reorganize and reflect on the way ahead … we should call on Christ and engage in peace, there has been such a dearth of spiritual peace during these momentous moments for our country … there has been bloodletting and pain which must be a gigantic lesson for us all to learn … but Venezuela now has its legitimate government … governed by a Constitution which has been approved by the people.”

In a final comment Chavez Frias said that the hour has truly come where the Venezuelan print and broadcast media must take a long and serious look at the path it has chosen to take … “it should get back on track again with a sense of reason that it had apparently lost! I am not going to fall into the trap of hatred and recriminations … we must take decisions and adjust many things … we must respect dignity, without retaliations, no witch hunts … we should not tolerate disrespect for liberties we have won.”