Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias has confirmed that a cargo of 300,000 barrels of gasoline is on its way to the USA to help Southern States affected by Hurricane Katrina. 

The President as confirmed that before traveling to New York to attend the UN summit, Louisiana State Governor Kathleen Blanco phoned the Venezuelan President accepting his offer of help. 

Chavez Frias broke the news on arrival in the USA and has reminded reporters that the Venezuelan government had offered 8 electrical plants and drinking water supplies to help the homeless, aid which has been rejected.

Making a distinction between the USA people and its government, Chavez Frias has confirmed his readiness to help the former and the oil cargo is a concrete sign of his commitment. 

During his visit to New York, which includes a talk at Columbia University and a black congregation in New York, the President has repeated his criticism of the Bush’s administration slow reaction to Hurricane Katrina and the African American community in New Orleans.