American “democracy” is a stalking horse to commit aggression on any nation’s special Far East correspondent Yap Chongyee writes: The lead article in was “THE SLIDING AFGHAN ELECTION TURN OUT IS DISAPPOINTING” … this says volumes for the quixotic US administration’s project to bring American democracy to Afghanistan.

The USA aggressed against Afghanistan because they wanted the world to see how very much sought-after the American model of democracy is to natives the world over.

This was a bit of American triumphalism; so soon after the Soviet Union was expelled by the people of Afghanistan.

The Americans never thought that their American-style democracy was just as much abhorred by the Afghans as the Russian Communist model. Every bit as humiliating as the Americans misreading of their welcome in Iraq; NO FLOWERS STREWN STREETS GREETED THE AMERICANS; but instead they were greeted by bombs and bullets.

The US did not win any war in Afghanistan … they just bombed their opposition into oblivion … and not only the Taliban but 90% of the dead were civilians.

That said what sort of victory is it that the USA claims victory over?

The Taliban were a stone-age bunch of rag-tags who had only their pitch forks to fight the Americans with their space-age technology.


Only American make-belief and American fantasy makes them delude themselves that they won the war in Afghanistan. What have the USA achieved after spending several billions of printed US$? The US has no concern that they threw away trillions upon trillions in printed paper money.  After all is said and done, what is the actual worth of trillions upon trillions of pieces of printed paper?

Where is the need for an economy in the United States of America?  They have absolutely nothing to consider, since when they are short of money their just go and print some more.


Nations like Venezuela and China since we have to earn our money … the Americans just go and print more and more.

It is timely that President Hugo Chavez has formed the union of Caribbean & Latin nations in the PetroCaribe grouping where member nations get assistance from soaring oil prices; and, what’s more important, they have a market for their produce that will give them a living; rather than that deigned by US companies that exploit them for less than living wages.

PetroCaribe can see from the response of the Afghani people that American “democracy” is a load of crap. American “democracy” is a stalking horse, because, when the US wants to commit aggression on any nation, they begin by attacking the democratic credentials of their victims.

This was the case in Iraq, North Korea, Afghanistan and countless others … the world has come to realize that American “democracy” is a load of crap and they are now learning to reject it.

The United States of America is fast losing friends … and as they lose friends, they also lose their strength.

The United States of America is in fast decline and they will very soon be bankrupt.

Yap Chongyee

Australia-based Chinese journalist Yap Chonyee studied Law at the University of Singapore from which he graduated in 1967 and went on to practice law in Kuala Lumpur, until he migrated to Australia in 1978. His articles often appear in the China View (Beijing), Sino Politics and the Sydney Morning Herald.

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