Speaking during a radio address, Venezuela President Hugo Chavez Frias has called on private businessmen and women to take advantage of the economic growth in Venezuela and support all sectors of production. 

Venezuela is living an extraordinary moment in agriculture, production, manufacture, iron, steel, aluminum, timber, petrochemicals, gas and oil … “we must work together, we must strengthen our sense of being national, of national priorities.” 

Referring to his meeting with Brazilian President Lula da Silva, Chavez Frias points to Venezuela’s insistence on becoming a full member of the Southern Cone Economic Zone (Mercosur) as a wonderful opportunity for Venezuela’s business sector to get involved in … “how many things we can start to introduce into the great South American market … I invite you to act together with the government.” 

Venezuela is in the best situation since 200 years and we are not going to miss out on it, the President states, and imperialist sorties against Venezuela will be met head on. 

“They thought that La Marquesena would be the spark that would set fire to the prairie … they were playing that card and will continue to use any incident … now they have turned their attention to South of Lake Maracaibo.” 

The President warns opposition State Governor Manuel Rosales not to fall for any South of the Lake adventure. 

The organizing of protests, Chavez Frias muses, smells of subversive movements … one rancher said they would defend themselves and create a block … pay attention to the word used, block, it is a term used by the paramilitaries.”