London (UK) Mayor Ken Livingstone is to become the president of the Venezuela Information Centre (VIC) campaign after recently hosting a visit to London by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Mayor Livingstone, says: “Venezuela is pursuing a course that is giving hope not only to the people of that country, but also to millions around the world … and the Venezuela Information Centre is playing a vital role in combating the daily diet of propaganda and misinformation that is being circulated by opponents of President Chavez’ government.”

“I welcome this opportunity to work with the Venezuela Information Centre to continue to raise the profile of what is happening in Venezuela.”

In a press statement, VIC Secretary Gordon Hutchison says “We are delighted that Ken Livingstone will be the President of the Venezuela Information Centre (VIC). It will be a huge boost to our campaigning to build the widest possible solidarity with the social progress taking place under the government of President Hugo Chavez and against the threat of foreign intervention.”


1.  The declared aims of the Venezuela Information Centre are defense of Venezuelan national sovereignty and the right of the Venezuelan people to determine their own future free from external intervention;

  • To oppose US or other foreign interference in Venezuelan internal affairs and any threatened military aggression against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as well as to campaign for the British government to use its influence to prevent this;
  • To counteract media misrepresentation and distortion of the situation in Venezuela and to provide accurate information about political developments, trade unions, social movements and political organizations in Venezuela;
  • To campaign to win widespread support for these objectives.

2. For further information please contact VIC on