Death squad tactic is absolutely characteristic of EVERY US intervention…’s Washington D.C. based commentarist Chris Herz writes: We are in the midst of an appalling situation in Iraq. We are told that it is the product of one error after another. But no, it is really the natural and predictable result of one crime piled upon another.

When we hear news like we are hearing this morning: 60 murder victims found across Baghdad, we cannot forget the absolutely arrogant, open discussion here in Washington of some months back of the US need for a “Salvadorean option” in Iraq to deal with the resistance.

That phrase of course being the code words for the death squads we now find so evident over there.

It would appear that the US were successful in creating death squads within the puppet police and military forces. Perhaps, and I cannot know for sure, they are not equally successful in keeping them under command and control.

  • We must also remember the accidental capture by the puppet police of two British secret service types dressed in Arab clothing, driving a car loaded with explosives. It then became necessary for the British military to “rescue” these guys from the Iraqi police station in Basra.

We must ask the obvious question: How much of this has been done? And by what US agencies along with the British?

In any event, the occupation authorities, the USA, have the ultimate responsibility for securing the safety of the population, and this responsibility they have themselves sabotaged. Deliberately and maliciously.

This death squad tactic is one which has been absolutely characteristic of EVERY modern US intervention and is certainly familiar enough in Latin America, among other places.

These crooks in charge here, if we are to have a prayer of maintaining civilized standards in the world must answer to capital charges. To murder. To kidnapping, disappearing people, rendering them for torture, for torture done by their own forces, and above all, for the supreme international crime, the one from which comes all these others, of plotting and waging aggressive war.

…and they all know it. From Bush down the chain of command to the rape rooms and torture cells.

The aftermath of this evil aggression cannot be what it was after Vietnam. No US officials faced either domestic or international prosecution for the two million or so Viets they killed. So when they thought that they had another opportunity to slaughter and torture, in Central America they blithely, assured of impunity, went right ahead.

We need have little doubt of independent research done by the School of Public Health in Johns Hopkins University that US operations in Iraq have caused directly or indirectly between 400,000 and 900,000 deaths. We are now known to kill at least 30 non-combatants for every combatant we shoot or bomb.

If this is no war crime, just what is?

Are we to let the perpetrators walk free so they and their like can do all this again in another five or ten years?

These evil men have already rendered the US laws against war crime inoperative.

They need, no for the sake of civilization, we all need to see them in the dock at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Chris Herz


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