Geoengineering: Incompatible with the rights of Mother Earth!


The term geoengineering refers to the deliberate technological manipulation of the natural processes of the Earth. These comprise its dynamics, composition and structure, including the biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, the atmosphere with its different, superimposed layers, and outer space.

On  November 5, 2009, the US House Committee of Science & Technology held its first hearing on geoengineering. Nobody from the general public, no representatives of environment defenders, agriculture or ocean scientists, medics, nor public agencies of either regional or national level, were invited to speak. The same occurred with the two hearings that followed in 2010.

The House Committee on Science & Technology and the Parliament of Britain have agreed to discuss geoengineering and its probable implementation within a global scheme of geoengineering administration, as proposed by the Royal Society and several climate scientists. Public and private meetings of groups of scientists, with little or no media coverage, have begun to take place in February and March 2010 in California to discuss possible geoengineering schemes with the objective to mitigate the effects of global warming and in the aftermath of the Copenhagen failure.

Among the proposals to mitigate the effects of global warming figure Solar Radiation Management. One of its aspects deals with the potential that aerosols may have in the stratosphere to limit and deflect incoming solar radiation. The experiments shall inject of sulfate or other materials such as aluminium and barium into the stratosphere, with regional or global coverage, through dispersion by airplanes.

As a matter of fact, this kind of experiments has been conducted since years in the skies over North America and Europe, also Australia, and occasionally have been reported from Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Panama. Groups of concerned citizens have organized themselves to take samples of soil and water and have found alarming levels of aluminium, barium and strontium presence, associated with illnesses like Alzheimer, osteoporosis, anemia, respiratory difficulties, high blood pressure, changes of heart rhythm, stomach irritation, alteration of nervous reflexes, brain-, kidney- and liver-damage, etc. In some places of California for example, the maximum level for aluminium in drinking water has been exceeded 4610 times.

We need urgent knowledge and action to stop ongoing experiments and prevent their further expansion. The topic of geoengineering must be part of our agenda.

Geoengineering can have unpredictable consequences for the Earth and for life. Geoengineering is not compatible with the Rights of Mother Earth.


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