Assad calls U.S. forces ‘invaders’, Donald trump not doing enough to get rid of ISIS

Syria’s president Bashas Al Assad has said that Us forces in Syria are “Invaders” and that he is saw Donald Trumps promise wipe out Isis as promising but is yet to see “anything concrete” from Trumps promises in an interview with a Chinese news station. Assad Also siad that regaining Raqqa (ISIS’S main stronghold) was a “a priority for us” and said that he also wanted to gain control of the Deir al-Zor region near the iraq border to hurt isis even more.
I totally agree with president Assad on this. Trump has done very little if anything at all extra to what Obama’s was doing to tackle Isis.

Currently American forces are providing limited “help” to Kurdish fighters fighting Isis… however this does little to compensate the mess that America has caused in Syria and Iraq thanks to their meddling such as arming so called “Moderate” rebels who turned out to be terrorists (The American government knows full well that there is no such thing as moderate Syrian opposition; they all are Islamic extremists one way or another) and using propaganda to make out that President Assad is some sort of ruthless dictator, using unverified claims that Assad has massacred his people using chemical weapons, America really needs to think of a new storyline rather than regurgitating the one its used to go to war with Iraq. President Assad is actually part of a secular government that has provided safety and security for millions of non Muslims in Syria.
In an interview back in 2015 Msgr. Giuseppe Nazzaro, former once said
[Assad] opened the country up to foreign trade, to tourism within the country and from abroad, to freedom of movement and of education for both men and women. Before the protests started, the number of women in the professional world had been constantly increasing, the university was open to all, and there was no discrimination on the basis of sex. The country was at peace, prosperity was on the rise, and human rights were respected. A common home and fatherland to many ethnicities and 23 different religious groups, Syria has always been a place where all were free to believe and live out their creed, all relationships were characterized by mutual respect. The freedom that is purportedly being brought to us by the rebels is precisely what this rebellion has taken away from us.
Even under Obama’s own admission has said that “We know Assad has been protecting the Christians”, yet Obama’s still pushed to get rid of Assad and refused to work with Assad to get rid of Isis.. believing that Isis was a better choice than having Assad in power.

With Americas fire power Isis should/could have been wiped out within a week of them emerging but thanks to Americas evil who saw the rise of isis and extremists in Syria as a way of ousting president Assad it has meant that Isis and other terror groups have been able to kill thousands of innocent people and create their Islamic state dictatorship.
The truth is that Syria needs Assad and does not need American “invaders”, Donald Trump should act on what he promised (or was it all just for the cameras?) and must work with President Assad who is the glue that is currently holding Syria together.

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