Avoid FedEx! The worse delivery service ever!

I am absolutely livid and outraged at two companies right now: FedEx and Amazon.

I’m a humble small business owner who depends on timely deliveries and efficient service. But recently, I was left flabbergasted by the incompetence of FedEx. Such blatant disregard for their clients is absolutely unfathomable.

I had placed an urgent order for new stock for the festive season. To my horror, I received a notification from FedEx stating that my delivery was complete. However, my parcel was nowhere in sight. The shock turned into a rude awakening when I found out that this parcel, full of Christmas stock amounting to over £1100, had been erroneously delivered to an Amazon warehouse instead.

Upon getting in touch with FedEx, I was given a glimmer of hope that they would retrieve my parcel. But lo and behold, they failed in their promise. Amazon, in all its audacity, refused to return my parcel. They might as well have slapped a “finders keepers” sign on it!

This whole debacle exposes the incompetency of FedEx. Their delivery system is a shambles. It’s as if their drivers lack the basic understanding of properly scanning and delivering parcels. How on earth did they manage to deliver my parcel to one of my biggest competitors?

And don’t even get me started on Amazon. Their deplorable behaviour is nothing short of a daylight robbery. They have the audacity to keep a parcel that doesn’t belong to them! Their actions are downright disgusting and reek of immorality.

If I dared to swipe a parcel from one of their vans, I’d be behind bars faster than you can say “theft.” Yet, they seem to be operating above the law, indulging in such unethical practices without any repercussion.

I’ve had it up to here with both of them. I will no longer put myself through the torment of dealing with FedEx’s inefficiency or Amazon’s outright theft. I urge you, dear reader, to save yourself from this sort of crap and avoid these companies at all costs. Don’t let their disgraceful actions impact your livelihood as it has mine.

PART II: FedEx Strikes AGAIN!!!

Unbelievable! They’ve gone and done it, AGAIN! FedEx, you’re a disgrace. As much as I tried to avoid it, without my knowledge, my supplier used FedEx to send 5 parcels my way. This is my first encounter with them since their last debacle 6 months ago, and to my utter disbelief, FedEx has messed up yet again.

They’ve managed to deliver only 4 of the 5 parcels, and to add to the absurdity, one of them was wide open when it arrived. What the heck, FedEx? Just like before one was missing but marked as delivered, and when I finally got through to FedEx, guess what they had to say? The same old story – they’ve delivered it to an Amazon warehouse. What a farce!

And this time, they’re not even offering compensation! They’re just telling me to sit tight and wait for 3 months to see if my parcel arrives. It’s an absolute joke! It’s almost like FedEx is actively trying to drive small businesses into the ground.

Let this post serve as a warning to everyone. Check your delivery method and if it’s FedEx, request a change immediately! If they refuse, go with a different supplier. Don’t risk your hard-earned money.

I’m beginning to suspect that there’s a scam in play. It feels like FedEx delivery drivers are pulling off a heist, nicking parcels, hoping people won’t notice, and then claiming they’ve ‘delivered’ to the wrong place, aka an Amazon warehouse where one of their mates is probably waiting to collect the stolen parcel. The sad reality is that no one questions the actions of such warehouses because they’re too big to take legal action against. It’s a perfect setup for a scam!

So, dear readers, have any of you experienced something similar? Please share your stories in the comments below. FedEx cannot get away with stealing people’s parcels like this. It’s high time we hold them accountable!

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