Covid19: Omicron isn’t that bad!

A recent study carried out in Scotland has shown that those infected with omicron are 69% less likely to have to go to hospital for treatment than those infected with the delta variant of covid19.

It is becoming more and more evident that omciron is not the threat that some scaremongering scientists have been trying to make it out to be. Cases of the new omicron covid variant have quickly risen to unprecedented levels but despite this rise hospitalizations and deaths have stayed flat making it clear Omicron is NOT the same as other variants. This time last year we were under harsh covid restrictions such as wearing face masks in just about all in door public spaces and we had arbitrary 2m social distancing rules but still had a huge winter surge and a lot of covid deaths.

The omicron variant was first discovered in South Africa after doctors were finding unusual cases where lots of people were getting infected but were only getting very mild symptoms.

South African health officials have called the response from other countries to Omicron as turning it into a “storm in a teacup”.

Despite the sudden surge in Omicron cases we are already seeing that levels of infection have started to flatten and we have not seen a rise in cases for 6 days in a row. This goes against fake scientific predictions from Professor Neil Fergusson and others who were predicting that we would see a doubling of cases every 2 days. Even though these scientists have been proven wrong YET AGAIN they are still demanding the government LOCKDOWN the country and are telling people that vaccines alone wont beat covid even though they have zero data or scientific evidence to justify such a crippling move on society.

Thanks to the vaccine booster rollout immunity in the population against covid19 has never been higher. We also have highly effective anti viral drugs that can help prevent severe illness from covid. We did not have these things a year ago but thanks to them we will never be back in the same situation we were in before. Having a lockdown doesn’t make any sense whatsoever and will only make things worse. Having another lockdown only kicks the can down the road, breaks up herd immunity, creates backlogs in our health care system and ruins peoples mental health and stops people getting treatment for other diseases and conditions.

The data is clearly showing that omicron is a lot milder than other previous variants and may even help to end the pandemic by overtaking deadlier variants such as the Delta variant. However despite these facts some bureaucratic communist nitwits are still trying to use the omicron variant as a means to introducing further harsher covid restrictions and lockdowns.

It is therefore my opinion that these scientists are not scientists at all but communists masquerading as scientists. They are trying to topple capitalism through lockdowns and restrictions because there are simply no other reason that I can think of for having another lockdown.

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