Dutch election: Wilders defeated by PM Rutte

Mr Rutte has beaten Geert Wilders in the Dutch election.

Mr Rutte won 33 seats whilst Geert Wilders only managed to win 20, meaning the the dutch president has managed to hang onto his job. Since winning th election Mr rutte has said “Today was a celebration of democracy,” and even had a pop whilst he was at it at brexist and the US elections saying “It is also an evening in which the Netherlands, after Brexit, after the U.S. elections, said stop to the wrong kind of populism,”. Mr rutte will have to create a coalition with another party and despite Geert Wilders party getting the second most votes it is thought that Mr Rutte will ignore this and will opt to form a coalition with D66 and the Green Left, whilst Geert Wilders however has vowed that his party will win the next election.

Geert Wilders defeat will help boost liberals in Germany and France who also have elections soon to help them promote their liberal globalist agenda against people who simply want their country back.
Mr rutte win means that EU leaders can take a huge sigh of relief.
Ironically French president Francois Hollande who has done very little to fight the Islamic invasion of Europe or to prevent Islamist extremists massacring French people on the street of France has said that Mr Rutte’s victory was “clear victory against extremism”. Whilst German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that it is a “very pro-European result, a clear signal… and a good day for democracy” and the former Martin Schulz, president of the European Parliament (who was never voted for) tweeted We must continue to fight for an open and free Europe!”.
All in all, this is a very sad day for the Netherlands.. the anti-immigration Freedom party of Geert Wilders was the Netherlands ticket out of the EU mess that has left many in its country out of work, raped by migrants and on its knees. Yet it seems that many in the Netherlands still would rather want to keep up the pretence of appearing liberal, tolerant and trendy and tolerant the dire situation that they are in than stand up for their values and beliefs thus it is in my opinion that the Netherlands isn’t therefore worth saving and is a joke of a country.

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