Greedy Boris Johnson wants more money!

According to Dominic Cummings Boris Johnson is planning on quitting being Prime minister because he thinks he isnt being paid enough money!

Dominic Cummings has said that Boris Johnson plans on quitting 2 years after the next election (if he wins) so that he can get back to ‘making money and having fun’ because Boris thinks that £150k A YEAR IS NOT ENOUGH TO LIVE ON.

If not being paid enough money has been Boris Johnsons biggest concern during this whole pandemic then it is evident that we have total scumbag as prime minister who needs to be kicked out immediately.

Boris Johnson is not even the slightest bit remorseful for his terrible handling of the covid19 pandemic that has left over 127, 000 people dead. As of yet Boris Johnson still is yet to meet the bereaved families of coronavirus victims. Instead he spends his time moaning to colleagues that he isn’t getting paid enough as prime minister.

Bojo doesn’t answer to anyone even bereaved families

This conman only got into politics not to serve the people and his country but to make himself rich. Right through the entire pandemic the TORYS have been making the pandemic worse through dodgy corrupt deals that have scuppered covid testing and PPE for NHS and care workers which have left people DEAD as a result just to enrich themselves. Criminal charges must be made against Boris Johnson and the Tories.

The country expects and deserves better than this self serving greedy corrupt little man who couldnt care less about others.