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He’s certainly deplorable and oscillates between being trollishly amusing to utterly unpresidential, abrasive and border-line psychotic – as the rally seen today shows.  He certainly lacks any restraint in rhetoric that is typical of responsible people in power.

Is Trump racist?

The evidence that he’s racist isn’t really piling though.  It is if you consume every accusation of racism uncritically.  Especially as that’s likely to go hand-in-hand with news sources that never publish a single positive story about the current regime and which overlook any evidence that is contrary to the racism narrative.  We complain about polarisation these days, but the Left/Democrats are every bit as bad as the Right/Republicans. 

By venturing an opposing viewpoint into a frenzied sea of Trump-is-racist agreement, the assumption is immediately that I defend his actions, or am myself racist.  That’s been repeated too many times here to recount.   Despite having said over and over that I think the guy is an ignorant fool, simply not being willing to go the extra mile and also accuse him of being racist….makes me a Trump supporter and racist.

Can you not see how ludicrous that is?  Can you not conceive that this logic is not lost on Republican voters, moderate Democrats, or others that find themselves in the cultural cross-hairs of being expected to condemn or be labelled the enemy?  As I said, I think YOU are the ones getting played, becoming Trumps foot-soldiers, failing to realise that your medicine is worse than the disease.

I’m simply saying quit with the hyperbole, quit with jumping to Defcon1, and be accurate.  If for no other reason than its going to lose the Democrats the next election because somehow, they are managing to take events that could garner cross-party condemnation, and instead making themselves appear every bit as unhinged as Trump is.  MSNBC has on live TV a commentator saying every Trump supporter is now officially racist, there’s yet more talk of impeachment, the whole thing looks like a circus.  Congratulations.  

Was his tweets racist? I don’t believe in the concept of a racist “statement”, one divorced from intent.  It’s that simple (and I know, unfashionable over the last 10 years or so).  You can talk about “the remark” being racist, but I disagree.  Things aren’t racist.  Racism comes from the intent behind them, just like “Nigger” isn’t racist until it is screamed by a skinhead at a black person.  Otherwise, every rapper is making racist comments dozens of times in a music video.  Your claim that something is obviously racist is nothing other than you ascribing a motive to it.  Well, what if that person’s motive was different?  Your, or anyone’s, subjective opinion becomes the deciding factor?  I know that’s the progressive view.  I happen to think that’s bullshit, for a myriad of pretty self-evident reasons.  But at the very least, when progressive ideas of self-identification state that, for example, your sexuality or your gender expressions are your’s alone and not for others to decide, why does someone else get to decide that your words, no matter how much you may claim, and even know, that they meant one thing, meant something else?  It’s sinister and witch-trial-ish and bending rules to suit where you want society to go.

Are his voters racist? While you’d be right to say some may be ignorant or prejudiced, so are democrat voters and probably in equal measure.  The assumption that Trump voters are uniquely different and depraved is simply wrong. 

You may have missed a few weeks back that Andy Ngo, a centre-right journalist who covers (among other things) Antifa, was beaten up at an Antifa rally to the point of being hospitalised.  Now that in itself is no big surprise, assaults happen and is to be expected from the likes of Antifa.  What was astounding, and illustrative, was the reaction.  Mainstream media commentators, the kinds of people who are routinely quoted in left-of-centre UK newspapers, and are respected figures in bog-standard political commentary in the US, essentially responded with “It’s a shame…but he was asking for it”.  It seemed completely lost on them that this was no different from “you wear a short skirt, expect to get raped” or journalists with the wrong views deserve to be attacked.  Sam Harris does a short, forensic dissection of this in the first few minutes of one of his recent podcasts ( ) which covers the event better than I can.  This same violent mob are the ones “the squad” refused condemn and if you want to create linkages between right-wing violence and Trump then also be willing to link the nod and wink of mainstream left opinion in the US to violence too.  Yet you would never get this impression amidst the Trump is evil noise that is turned up to 11.  AOC and Omar are getting pulled up for telling porkies all over the place and the Democrat response to a massive border issue is an utterly confusing policy that amounts, by their own admission, to an open-borders policy.  How the hell does that work and aren’t Americans justified in saying “No fcukign way!”?  Try following some right-of-centre news site or commentary in the US and there is an entire narrative and world-view that is both not unreasonable and utterly unreported in mainstream news here.

The elitist use of the term “deplorables” by Hillary Clinton was precisely what lost her the election.  The assumption that “pro-lifers” are religious nuts and not actually taking a principled stance is ignorant.  And the assumption that Trump voters are simply the caricatures you so typically see points more towards our media portrayal of them than anything else.  If you are willing to write-off millions of people of different races and colours with a myriad of opinions, with Nazi insinuations (banality of evil), for simply funding Republicans (even when led by Trump) as more realistic and appealing option than the Democrats, then I wonder who the bigger bigot is?  You clearly have no idea what alternatives are being presented to them by the US electoral system or just how far the progressive movement in the US is pushing things.