Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro threatens to ban opposition from future elections

President Nicolás Maduro has threatened to ban all major opposition parties from future elections in Venezuela. The presidents threat comes after the three of the four main political opposition parties decided to boycott mayoral polls on Sunday because it was rigged by a “dictator”.

After the mass boycott by the opposition  affected mayoral polls left him more dominant than ever giving President Nicolás Maduro won 300 of the 335 mayoral offices.

Speaking on Sunday to a crowd of his supporters the president threatened to ban the opposition parties from elections altogether saying “A party that has not participated today cannot participate any more,” the president said while casting his vote. “They will disappear from the political map.”.

Whilst many of his opposition believe that he is a dictator, many don’t believe that this isn’t the case. Many see Venezuelans economy on an upward trajectory with the price of oil – which accounts for 95% of Venezuela’s export earnings – up by a third over the past six months, with only American imposed sanctions left to blame for Venezuela’s poverty.

In his speech he also mentioned this by adding “The imperialists have tried to set fire to Venezuela to take our riches,”..“We’ve defeated the American imperialists with our votes, our ideas, truths, reason and popular will.”

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  1. Venezuela must use their oil income to develop alternative income solutions as oil will soon be unsailable as the world moves to green energies like Thorium LFTR and Geothermal , wave,& wind electric generation solutions . Venezuela cannot compete for oil sales with the American military controlling world oil purchase options!
    The world wide glut in oil production ocures when the world must now stop using the stuff to survive the next 100 years!
    What was a blessing 40 years ago in now a curse! Canada is also cursed with the tar sands destruction of large parts of Alberta which can never be cleaned up, and will be a sacrifice zone these next 100 years and more!
    Greed stupidity and arvice seem to be winning while sharing and cooperation loose or cease to seem important !

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