Virgin Media Reviews: Rubbish and sucks bad!

Does Virgin media have any respect for its customers?

If you are thinking about subscribing to one of their broadband packages then I would highly recommend that you think again! Mounting negative reviews and complaints suggest that Virgin media just loves to fob off and rip off its customers.
It is clear from the many thousands of complaints on trustpilot that Virgin media simply does not provide its customers with adequate service or help when things go wrong.
For instance, if you get an inevitable problem with Virgin media you will have to call their premium rate phone number. Ringing this number will often leave you further annoyed as you speak to someone from India who will usually have no idea how to fix your problem and can only recommend turning the modem on and off again.
Virgin media’s lack of respect towards it customers doesn’t stop there. Virgin media is currently being investigated by ofcom for charging customers up to £240 to exit their contract early (with some even complaining about how virgin charged them when virgin couldn’t provide the service that any more). Ofcom has stated that it has “reasonable grounds to believe” that Virgin has contravened its general conditions which state companies cannot charge excessive fees that disincentivise customers from switching supplier.

Not only will Virgin media fob you off with poor customer support or try to rip you off with extortionate exist fees if you want to leave… If you have a complaint they will also sneakily try to censor you too. Virgin media is using sneaky tactics to censor it’s customer complaints from the internet. There are literally thousands of customer complaints on Virgin media forum about how bad their services are. Simply deleting these comments from the forum is too obvious and would open a can of worms that Virgins media would not be able to deal with, So, instead of deleting these complaints virgin media has opted to censor them instead from the search engines. Site moderators on Virgin media’s forum have decided to start censoring customer complaints by adding “NOINDEX” robot tags to the source code of forum posts complaining about its service. Noindex robot tags tell search engine such as Google and bing to ignore the page and not to index them in the search results. It is clear that Virgin media does not respect its customers at all by doing this. Many of the complaints found on the forum are left unanswered by virgin media..however moderators still took the time to add the noindex code to the pages suggesting that instead of addressing customer complaints Virgin is more bothered about stopping any negative reviews about the company being seen by other potential customers(victims).

Over promises, under delivers massively!
Quick to take your money
Slow internet connection
Regularly goes down
Charges upto £240 exist fees when you eventually get sick of the service
Tries to hide customer complaints


If you have had trouble with Virgin media and want to vent your anger please feel free post your review in the comments below and let everyone know how bad virgin media really is!