We must defend and protect the Ukrainian people from Putin AKA wannabe Stalin

We need to do more to help Ukraine both militarily and humanitarianly.

Vladimir Putin will go down in history quite rightly as the barbaric monster that he is… but how many people will the west allow this wannabe Stalin to murder before we see real action to stop him?

The West’s reluctance to help the Ukrainian people by imposing a no fly zone is shameful. More needs to be done to stop innocent Ukrainian people from being killed by Putin and his cannon fodder army. Who cares that he has nuclear weapons… for the sake of humanity we need to end this war. If the rest of the world simply sits back and ALLOWS this genocide to continue then we are just as bad as Putin and that’s not the sort of world I would want to live in anyway.

Heroically despite the lack of any military support from the west Ukraine has managed to stand up against the Russian army but by fighting back Putin has resorted to even more barbaric and monstrous tactics to takeover the country.

Vladimir Putin seriously underestimated the determination and fight of the Ukrainian people to protect their country. It is reported that up to 11, 000 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine since the invasion began. However, Putin does not care at all. These soldiers are cheap cannon fodder to him that he only pays $500 a month to do his dirty work for him. It is has also been reported that the Russian army has brought mobile crematoriums with them to burn and dispose of dead Russian soldiers like rubbish. Vladimir Putin has shown that he has absolutely no regard for human life at all even to his own soldiers. Which begs the question why would anyone choose to fight for him and have deaths of innocent people on their conscious?

Throwing his toys out of the pram because he is losing Putin is now resorting to bombing civilians and killing anything that moves in Ukraine because his invasion isn’t going to plan. Now that Putin has resorted to bombing anything and everything it means that even more civilians will die and this is totally unacceptable.

Maybe spreading the truth of the war to the Russian people… letting them know what Putin is doing in their name could be one way to stop this conflict and bring down Putin. However getting any information to the Russian people is easier said than done and in the meantime more innocent people will die waiting for regime change in Russia.

Something needs to be done to stop this war as soon as possible. Not only is the military response from the west absolutely garbage but the humanitarian response is just as bad. For example, the United Kingdom has only thus far accepted 50 refugees from Ukraine whilst we accept UNLIMITED immigration from India a country that is supporting Russia’s invasion.

If the west are not prepared to help military the very least we can do is guarantee refuge to every single Ukrainian. However this doesn’t solve the problem of Putin doing this again to another country and killing more innocent people. Putin wont simply stop at Ukraine he wants to rebuild a soviet empire and the only way this dictator can be stopped if is the west stands up to him properly.

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