Wikileaks reveals how CIA hack phones and tvs to spy on people

Wikileaks has revealed through their first leaks of the Vault 7 series plans by the CIA and MI5 to use people’s home devices such as their smart TV’s to spy on them. The project was codenamed Weeping angel and involved hacking Samsung smart tvs to record audio and video. The CIA would also use a “fake off” mode to fool people into thinking that the tv had been switched off enabling the CIA to secretly records everything they do. which would then be sent to the CIA to be analysed.

BUT THIS IS JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERH. The leaked documents have also revealed a number of other ways the CIA can use to intrude on your privacy such as and even assassinate you!

-The CIA can easily access you android phones whenever they want. The CIA has 24 zero day exploits on android phones which enables the cia to use a healthy 24 different ways to hack into android phones whenever they want. These zero day exploits would also allow the CIA to read messages before encryption is applied… meaning using encrypted apps such as whatsapps is pointless.

-The CIA can hack into apple phones and tablets too. Android phones aren’t the only phones that have been exploited by the CIA, Wikileaks has also said that Apply phones and tablets may also be being exploited allowing the CIA to track a users location, record stuff from the microphone and read texts.

-Even if your computer or device is not connected to the internet you maybe still hacked and spied on by the CIA as Wikileaks has revealed that the cia can now also infect “air gapped computers” which are computers that are not connected to the internet in anyway.

-The CIA has developed ways to bypass popular anti virus software.

-Even more worrying is that Wikileaks claims that the CIA are trying to hack into car control systems in order to take control of a car for quick and undetectable assassination.

Since the leak Ed Snowden has tweeted about how he thinks the wikileaks files are legit

Not only is this leak extremely bad for the CIA
In response to these allegations a CIA spokesperson has said “We do not comment on the authenticity or content of purported intelligence documents,”.

This is all deeply troubling.

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