BBC NEWS is doing Putin’s job for him by spreading pro Russian propaganda and fake news


The BBC news is fake news and is spouting unfounded PRO Russian propaganda. I was shocked when I turned on the BBC news channel a couple days ago to find them talking about the so called rise of white supremacy and Nazis groups in Ukraine with a self proclaimed right wing group “expert”. They were accusing the Azov battalion of Ukraine of being an extreme right wing Nazi group without any proof at all. Currently the Azov battalion which is an official battalion of the Ukrainian national guard is bravery fighting the Russians and trying desperately to protect Mariupol from being totally destroyed by Putin.
The BBC tried to accuse the Azov battalion of being a white supremacist Nazi group just because they called themselves patriots… that’s was it that was all the evidence that the BBC could come up with to accuse them of been Nazis. So, it would seem that simply wanting to protect your country and calling your selves patriots now is enough for the Stalin worshipping BBC to accuse you of being a Nazi now!

This is not the first time that the BBC have tried to accuse the Ukrainian people of being white supremacists and racists. When the invasion first began the BBC reported on unsubstantiated claims of racism towards ethnic minorities trying to flee at the Ukrainian/polish border. These claims of racism were never backed up with real evidence and were most likely completely fabricated and came from kremlin sources to make it look as though Ukraine is full of racists… however this did not stop BBC making it headline news.

By accusing the Ukrainian army of being Nazi’s the BBC is essentially justifying the invasion of Ukraine and doing Putin’s job for him. This is extremely dangerous FAKE NEWS that’s needs to be stopped and the journalists involved need to be investigated for possible links to the Kremlin.

RT’S license to broadcast was removed by OFCOM for spreading Pro Russian propaganda about the Ukrainian war/genocide and I believe that it is about time that BBC was stopped from broadcasting as well.
It is about time that the BBC was abolished. It is obvious that this state funded institution that is filled to the brim of overpaid, corrupt communists should no longer be allowed to broadcast.

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