Professor Ian Diamond is a sadist

Professor Ian Diamond who is the head of the Office of national statistics (ONS) is a lying sadist scumbag. Appearing on BBC news last night without any scientific evidence at all he starts talking about how he expects or rather hopes that there will be another surge in covid19 in Autumn. At a time when so many people are struggling with their mental health and suicide rates are extremely high his comments are at best irresponsible and at worst sadistic aimed at triggering more suicides.

So many people have lost everything through this pandemic and are looking for and needing hope to help them cope. BUT foul bastards such Professor Ian Diamond and Chris Whitty are constantly appearing on tv trying to suck hope away from people by making out that this pandemic will never end. These so called scientists never produce a single shred of scientific evidence to back up their claims and are almost always proven wrong somewhere down the line. They also never seem to come up with any solutions out of the pandemic either apart from locking down the country forever. All they seem to want to do is try to cause as much panic, misery and despair as they possibly can.

I can only conclude that that these “scientists” are only doing this because these are sadists who are relishing playing the role of devils advocate and are loving the misery and destruction that the pandemic is having on peoples lives. They don’t want it to ever end.

UPDATE: Since this post was first published Whistle blowers from the Office of National statistics have revealed that Professor Ian Diamond has been using fake testing data to make the pandemic appear worse than it actually is. The reason why Professor Ian diamond is choosing to publish fake data to make it look as though covid infection rates are worse than they actually are and is trying to prolong the pandemic could be because of a number of different reasons. It could be because he is receiving money from big pharma…! In my opinion I believe this pathetic little man is just a sadist who wants to prolong the pandemic and the mental torture that it is causing.

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