Boris Johnson must GO!

The UK seems to be more divided as ever during this covid19 pandemic but the one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that Boris Johnson is not fit to lead this country. The latest revelations that in autumn Boris apparently said that he would “rather let the bodies pile high than have another lockdown” is proof that he needs to be kicked out immediately.

Boris Johnson’s awful leadership during this pandemic has left our country on its knees with over 127, 000 people dead and many more peoples lives ruined. It is because of Boris Jonhson that we are in this mess in the first place. Instead of taking the threat of covid19 seriously at the start Boris Johnson refused to lockdown early enough and did not close the borders. This has meant that we were unable to eliminate the virus from our society like in New Zealand and Australia and because of this we have been in a state of constant limbo with oppressive restrictions and lockdowns for a whole year now devastating peoples lives and businesses.

Too add further salt to our wounds whilst the country has been suffering Boris and his corrupt Tory mates have been cashing in on the pandemic and the devastation that it is causing through corrupt NHS deals. However in my opinion this creates an even more serious question that needs to be addressed which is did the Tory party did the Tory party use the pandemic as and opportunity to make money and deliberately made things worse to make more money? It is obvious that the Tories especially Boris have zero morals or integrity so it would not surprise me if this is the case especially if you examine the decisions that they made during the whole year that did not make any political or scientific sense. Take for example the Tories decisions not to close the borders despite immense lobbying from both the left and right to do so. In 2020 despite the pandemic net migration stood at 200, 000 making lockdowns and restrictions futile at eliminating the virus totally and getting back to normal.

Boris Johnson likes to portray himself as the “loveable” rogue with staged buffoonery in front of the cameras. However even the most gullible of voters are now seeing through his act and want him out!

What do you think?

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