Professor Jeremy Brown is a LIAR and sadistic drug pusher

Professor Jeremy Brown is a LIAR and sadistic drug pusher. Professor Jeremy Brown who is on the joint committee on vaccines and immunisation is determined to prolong pandemic and keep peoples suffering going on as long as possible. Appearing on the news last night Professor Jeremy Brown stated without any evidence that social distancing and restrictions should carry on even after the government roadmap to the end of lockdown finishes on June 21st. Professor Jeremy Brown does not care about peoples lives, speaking a couple months ago he argues that people would die taking vaccines but that didn’t matter. He also advocated that young people should stay in lockdown until they get vaccinated whilst at the same time warning of third waves and new variants resistant to the vaccines. His comments show that he not trying to save lives but about causing as much suffering and misery as possible. He wants the pandemic to continue to help maximise vaccine sales and profits by forcing people into taking the vaccines… even if they don’t need it, want it or even if it might kill them and even then according to him they still might need more vaccines! He is trying desperately trying to rip peoples hope away at a time when so many people are suffering from chronic mental health problems caused by the lockdown and restrictions and more people are dying from suicide than covid!

Sadistic drug pushing fake scientists such as Professor Jeremy Brown should not be allowed on tv ever! His goal is to force people to take as many vaccines as possible and he gets a sadistic thrill out of controlling and causing misery and death. People like him are the real virus.
We need proper scientists advising the government who come up with real strategies to protect EVERYBODY and end this pandemic once and for all not corrupt, liars like Professor Jeremy Brown

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  1. I agree, people like him should not be allowed on tv his comments serve no purpose other than causing panic and anxiety. It is really shameful and if you search for him you will find that he has been doing this for months relentlessly its like he is deliberately trying to cause more suicides or something.

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