Professor Ravindra Gupta is a troll

Professor Ravi Gupta is trolling the general public. Appearing on the news Professor Ravi Gupta has been telling everyone that we are in the midst of a third wave and even that he expects because so many people have been vaccinated we will get a “super” covid variant resistant to vaccines. His comments are totally baseless with ZERO scientific evidence behind them. With the majority of vulnerable and elderly people now fully vaccinated and protected covid19 and we are seeing a continues decline in hospitalizations and deaths in those vaccinated. Covid is no longer the threat to public health that it used to be. This is clearly demonstrated in countries such as Israel that have managed to almost fully vaccinate their populations and are now just about back to normal despite “Covid variants”. Professor Ravi Gupta is simply getting a kick out of ripping peoples hopes away just as we start to finally get out of lockdown. At a time when a lot of people are suffering from chronic mental health problems brought on by the lockdown and restrictions and more people are KILLING themselves than dying from covid19 Professor Ravi Gupta’s comments are totally uncalled for and will do more damage than good.

It is evident that Professor Ravi Gupta is not bothered about peoples health or wellbeing and would rather shove people with mental health problems struggling with the lockdown and restrictions under the bus just so that he can have his 15 minutes of fame on the news.

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