Muslims celebrate russian St. Petersburg terroist attack

Muslims from around the world have rejoiced on Al-Jazeera’s facebook pages after the Russian subway terror attack. Spamming smiley face emojis and disgusting comments such as proclaiming that there so called god is great in Arabic for allowing the terror attack to happen.

More sick comments

This just comes less than 2 weeks after the London Westminster terror attack where a terrorist drove onto the pavement in Westminster killing pedestrians and stabbing to death a policeman which was also celebrated by Muslims in the same way on al Jazeeras facebook page too.

Whilst the media try to portray Islam as a peaceful religion and that we should all hold hands with them because they are the real victims.
The truth is Islam is not a peaceful religion, the truth is that it is a fundamental part of the Quran to kill non believers, but many of the deluded left will swallow the lies from the “peaceful” muslims that say that the Quran does not allow you to kill innocent people.. but in the Quran own words infidels are not innocent people.
To Muslims other non Muslim lives do not matter to the Muslims as we the “infidels” are just mere soulless animals according to the Quran so we deserve it.

It is clear that Vladimir Putin is not someone you mess with and so he and the Russian people will not just shrug off this terrorist attack and march hand in hand with the Muslims like the French did after the many terrorist attacks in France. There will be punishment and Isis will be going to hell that little bit quicker now me thinks.

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