Great hypocrisy: USA once again demonstrates its double standards on terrorism! commentarist Carlos M. Pietri writes: A US judge has ruled that a Cuban militant can not be deported to Venezuela … the judge said Luis Posada Carriles (wanted by Caracas over a 1976 plane bombing which killed 73 people) faced the threat of torture in Venezuela.

Firstly, I would like to clarify that when they talk about Posada as a “Cuban Militant,” they are forgetting that he is a Venezuelan citizen and that our government … like any other in the world … is just asking for the extradition of one of its countrymen.

Now, on the supposed possibility of Posada being tortured in Venezuela, I would like to know of any case (during this government) where someone in this country has been tortured.

If are we going to speak about torture, the last country where Posada could be jailed would be USA, because of the multiplicity of torture cases that have become known worldwide in tthe last few years … perpetrated by the Bush administration.

Please remember Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, etc…

Torture already recorded in today newspapers, with the news that US soldier Lynndie England was sentenced for such abuses … and the guilty plea filed by Sergeant Ivan Frederick on this issue.

With this incredible decision the US justice system and the US government … besides telling the world, based on the same torture allegation, that they won’t extradite either of the two Venezuelan army men (presently resident in Miami) who bombed the Spanish Embassy and the Colombian Consulate in 2002, have once again demonstrated their double standards on terrorism…

What great hypocrisy…

Carlos M. Pietri

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