Disqus censorship!

Have your comments been detected as spam on Disqus? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Word must get around to boycott Disqus completely. Censorship on Disqus is undeniable. Using intrusive and invasive technology Disqus will censor individuals from making legitimate comments simply because Disqus does not like what that person has got to say. This highly popular commenting platform used by some of the worlds biggest and most popular websites uses sophisticated algorithms to profile you based upon what sites you go on and what phrases you use when commenting to determine whether or not you should be censored online.

Disqus has even teamed up with Google to create a “toxic comment filter” system that uses AI to detect and delete “toxic” comments. This technology is proving a real problem with a conservative with many complaining that their comments are being automatically censored by Disqus because they are not liberal or politically correct like most tech companies purport to be. This is a real affront to democracy and freedom of speech online and should not be tolerated. This very real problem is simply not getting the attention that it deserves this is because most politicians and media groups are on the payroll of the big tech giants such as Google and Facebook who seek to control the internet.

If you are a European citizen you may be able to fight back! Under the new European GDPR laws enforced on may 25th 2017 it states that websites must make it clear to you when signing up to their website exactly how the website will be processing your data and what they are doing with your data. However, Disqus fails to notify users explicitly upon sign up their data is used to censor them if the data is rejected by their system. This means that you can actually sue Disqus for this.

Should you use Disqus? Is Disqus a good comment plugin?

Even if you aren’t bothered about Disqus and their blatant censorship there are still plenty of reason why you shouldn’t use this comment platform on your blog. Informative and high-quality comments can really help your website rank in the search engines. BUT if you have Disqus installed these juicy comments can actually have a negative impact on your site.

Disqus is bad for SEO because the content is not hosted on your blog but on Disqus own website this and are served in javascript iFrame. At best search engines won’t even be able to read your comments section, at worst these comments will be seen duplicate content and could actually cause your site to be penalized.

The fact is that Disqus is simply not as good as WordPress built-in native comment system, with Akismet that monitors for spam comments you really don’t have to worry about being bombarded with spam comments…

  1. By its own admission, Disqus is now shadow banning comments it finds unacceptable. In other words,
    you can see your comment but no one else can. It’s a malicious, underhanded way to censor without
    letting the victim know he’s being censored.

    1. It’s how they control the population. Once they force a Depression and make us all equal, then we will have a new world order govt with the Europeans. We have to stop Democrats from destroying our way of life.

  2. Disqus is a garbage company that works with Google to censor free speech. Since I am a conservative and post conservative comments, I appear to be banned anywhere Disquis reigns. Sometimes this even includes the customer service sections of consumer product companies. It’s pretty ridiculous. This for the sin of discipussing actual world and U.S. history rather than the revisionist type the folks at Disquis and Google practice. Make no mistake, censors. There will be a revolution in the streets and it won’t be the conservatives who start it. It will be the little fascists who learned intolerance and closed-mindedness at your knee.

    1. I agree. I thought I had been banned from Russian Insider but in fact I am unable to log on Disqus anywhere so it’s Disqus that banned me. A badge of honour!

  3. Totally agree. I post on American Renaissance and probably 20% of my comments are censored. I dropped Disqus like a hot potato. No conservative, patriot, republican or anti-socialist should use this corrupt company.

  4. Now the bastards at disqsux make you authenticate and prove you’re not a bot by flashing pictures. That only happened when you’d have to log into a website after you lost a password. Why do you have to jump thru hoops to post a comment?!? It’s ridiculous, of course now I know it’s the algorithm to keep conservatives from engaging those platforms! The government officials will do absolutely nothing.

    1. Seems every time a new Conservative site or blog is created, it is promptly INFILTRATED by the Evil Ones, who not only censor but obviously are “keeping tabs” on participants. Any site that uses google CAPTCHA is automatically dossiering everyone who participates (logs in) on that site. Never thought USA would fall to such levels, but here we are.

  5. The new mechanism known as CAPTCHA (owned by Google) that Disqus is using in order to “validate” our log-ins is NOXIOUS, DEMONIC, and MUST BE SHUT DOWN.
    There is absolutely no excuse for harassing end-users with this obnoxious, perverted “game” that Google has foisted upon websites all over the Net. Even medical appointment sites are now using CAPTCHA! Disqus in particular is driving people away by demanding that they “solve” endless “puzzles” before Disqus will let them log in, and most of the time, no matter how many puzzles one solves correctly, Disqus/Captcha ultimately rejects the log-in. This makes no sense and is counter-productive, UNLESS the whole purpose is to harass/sabotage Conservatives wishing to express their views.

    Time for “somebody with clout” to look into this “puzzling problem” involving google/CAPTCHA & Disqus and SOLVE IT!

  6. I have been banned on all Disqus sites all conservative blogs. How Breitbart and Gateway Pundit can rationalize using this liberal censor is beyond me.Liberal trolls can say and spell anything correctly but regulars are constantly being censored for certain words. Its so obvious its laughable.

    1. For 6 years they tried to block comments about Israel. Tel Aviv is now the focus of the war against terrorism run by the ZioNazis of 1934. Propagandist is their #1 product, and blocking the facts about them is costing them millions. Hundreds of millions. The fact are out there, so they waste their time. They think they fan reverse the damage that we have done to them.

  7. DISQUS won’t be around much longer. It is a ZioNazi organization to block freedom of speech on the entire INTERNET. It is as illegal as the Occupation of Palestine. They won’t stop the exchange of facts about Israeli terrorists, which these TROLL clouds such as DISQUS supports. Every TROLL you see is a ZioNazi Jew who gets paid to attack users.

  8. I was banned on Wunderground via disqus for a comment I made basically questioning how politics sometimes influence weather forecasting. I mean immediately I was banned within 10 seconds. Honestly it was not even long enough for a human to read my entire post before the ban was put into effect which makes me know that something obviously nefarious was up.

    I am selling all of my weather com stock now as a result in retalation. I was a wunderground user for over 14 yrs as well under a couple of different screen names and never had a problem until disqus was incorparated into their blogs. They made a tremendous mistake that will dump their stock. Americans should not be censored for political views Right or Left. Especially for statements that pose legitmate questions.

  9. Since Donald Dump got in censorship is big. and Disqus only cares what businesses support them and like Yahoo you can’t get a hold of them to find out why your censored. Very crooked like the Dumpster.

  10. I think we are censored far more than we even know. Remember how YouTube used to be? It was fun, you could make channels colorful and fully expressive of your views – on your channel you cold have a couple columns where you could express your personal thoughts so good, and then as youtubers checked out your channel they’d instantly see what YOU stood for. Then YouTube did away with all that, no more personal editorial columns to expound on what you thought everyone else should know. I’ve never doubted that YouTube made these changes to censor and muffle those who were making headway is sharing viewpoints contrary to the powers that be. Saw the greatest comment today, “The truth is known . . . but none dare speak it.”

  11. I have been curious about Disqus because my posts are either interrupted and then gone, or people I am replying to also disappear. These comments were made 18 months ago, but they are in line with my experience. I guess I am deleting Disqus.

  12. disqus is a freaking joke that is used on a lot of free adds websites that are disgusting. They are not making a better world. I would hope in the future websites abandon them and other metadata miners.

    Read this about discus and you will understand why you don’t want to use them for your website.

  13. The communists that own big tech need to be broken up, they are buying off politicians like Mike Lee. Our politicians are corrupt through and through, Trump included. Trump sat on his hands when he had the house and could have gotten something done. I have been censored and shadow banned on every platform by RINO’s and communists. At some point people are just going to have to organize and use the 2nd amendment, every day we just slowly move towards communism while they stack the deck with illegals and slaves. Follow the money and you can see exactly who the enemy is that owns all of these communist organizations and corporations. I know who is in control by whom none can speak against.

    1. Really? Is Bill Gates, for example, a communist?
      The truth is they all are CAPITALISTS and all that moves CAPITALIST is profit. Profit is all their morality. The rest is only makeup.
      Reasoning is not only an ability, but also a decision.

  14. If Trump gets elected a 2nd time prepare for Antifa to break your door down. The people who survived the Cairo Egypt attacks were the ones that DIDN’T fortify their homes. They made sure their homes looked like nothing of value was there and thus were not broken in. A lot of regular Christians survived it while those that fortified their home/barred windows,strengthened doors were all tortured and shot with their possessions smashed or looted.

    In other words hiding in plain site is the best answer while keeping both eyes open. If you live in an unimportant area chances are your area will be spared all together as it’s not news worthy.

  15. Disqus is dependent,influenced by the mighty former bbg broad casting (usagm) that is the voice of anti-Trump democrats. They fear my conservative comments even being not registered,because of their truth.Now they block even one of my letter!

  16. Yes, disqus is systematically censoring my “toxic” comments about SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 dogma. They are also slowing down my access to comments (“disqus is taking more time than usual”), many times even making me impossible to “Load more comments” or directly blocking me to access to them. Some of my comments through disqus are “pending” for more than three months.
    First I thought it could be me or something not dependant of disqus. But I checked it in every case many times. I checked my comments both in my disqus profile and directly at the sites where I posted my comments. Even I tried using diferent VPNs. I always have been polite, respectful and objective in all my comments. I read and respect all official disqus rules about comments.
    Last but not least, I am anything but right wing.

    1. I feel you pain. I have experienced many of the same things you have in the last day. I am being blackballed really. I am now under suspicion with my email service and my account has been blocked. Disgus has reported me as a spammer. You can read the emails from that account and there is nothing of the spam nature there. I have been falsely accused and tried.

  17. My comments are of the liberal variety and I was surprised to find out I was banned from Disgus. They don’t like my being critical of the Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people. Trump has been taken to court by a girl he abused when she was 13, but they don’t like me referring to him as a pedophile. They don’t like me being critical of the UK Daily Mail for dumping on Joe Biden in their vindictive gossip girl way. I am astounded by the new Disqus totalitarian and puritan moderation. I was shocked to see how many comments of mine were removed. I see that some news sites have giving up on Disqus. Disqus is banning regular clientele and reducing readership of a publication, which affects the advertising dollar. Censorship of opinions is wrong. I am in favor of boycotting any large company who assumes that they have law enforcement rights. Someone should publish Disqus contact information. They should be required to have a human staff that can be contacted.

  18. I have several comments pending that are taking way longer than normal to approve, and then I checked my Disqus profile and I see that the last 9 solid months of comments have been removed, plus, my total comment count is only 211, which is absurd, it should be a few thousand for as long as I have been using it. So they’ve basically wiped my account. We all need to spread the word to the sites that use Disqus and encourage them to switch to something else.

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