Have your comments been detected as spam on disqus? YOUR NOT ALONE!

Word must get around to boycott Disqus completely. Censorship on Disqus is undeniable. This highly popular commenting platform used by some of the biggest and most popular websites in the world uses algorithms to profile you by looking at what sites you comment on comment on and what phrases you use when commenting. This allows Disqus to censor individuals from making legitimate comments solely because Disqus does not like what that person has got to say.

Disqus has even teamed up with Google to create a “toxic comment filter” system that uses AI to scan your comments and detect. This technology is proving a real problem with conservative with many complaining that their comments are being automatically censored by disqus because of they are not liberal or politically correct. This is a real affront to democracy and freedom of speech online and should not be tolerated.

This is a real problem, considering that the

If you are a European citizen you may be able to fight back! Under the new European GDPR laws enforced on may 25th 2017 it states that websites must make it clear to you when signing up to their website exactly how the website will be processing your data and what they are doing with your data. HOWEVER Disqus fails to notify users explicitly upon sign up their data is used to censor them if the data is rejected by their system. This means that you can actually sue Disqus for this.

Should you use Disqus? Is Disqus a good comment plugin?

Even if you arent bothered about Disqus and their blatant censorship there are still plenty of reason why you should’nt use this comment platform on your blog. Informative and high quality comments can really help your website rank in the search engines. BUT if you have Disqus installed these juicy comments can actually have a negative impact on your site.

Disqus is bad for seo because the content is not hosted on your blog but on Disqus own website this and are served in javascript iFrame. At best search engines wont even be able read your comments section, at worst these comments will be seen duplicate content and could actually cause your site to be penalized.

The fact is that Disqus is simply not as good as WordPress built in native comment system, with akismet that monitors for spam comments you really don’t have to worry about being bombarded with spam comments….