Google home review
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Lets you schedule things easily using just your voice to get reminders.
Play Google Play Music and YouTube Music (need to be a youtube red subscriber). Google will also support plenty of third-party streaming services like Pandora Spotify and TuneIn.
Multi user voice recognition lets all your family use the device.
Can act as an audio receiver for Chromecast.
Allows you to quickly search Google using just your voice.
Expensive costing £129!
Google account required. Designed to keep you in Googles world and control!
Allows Google to harvest data about your entire life.
Lets google record your private conversations.
Rather pointless device that most people will get bored of after a the novelty of talking to a computer wears off.
No good!
A device to spy on you and your family. Creepy!
Device serves google more than it will serve you. Providing Google with juicy details on your entire life by recording your voice, lifestyle, likes, products you buy off the internet. This data will then be used by Google to make more money.