Venezuela government refusing to give people passports?

Venezuela is on its knees and not only lacks basic supplies such as food and medicine for its citizens, the Venezuelan government cannot even afford to dole out enough passports for their citizen so that they can leave the country. The desperate situation in Venezuela has caused scores of people to line up in the streets everyday waiting outside the passport agency in the Caracas in the hope of getting a passport. Since Hugo Chavez took to power in 1999 and began his social reforms it is believed that up to 2 million people have fled Valenzuela and many more have been saving up enough money to leave (but are struggling because of the lack of passports available).
It is thought that the Venezuelan government received 2-3 million passports requests last year but was only able to supply a measly 300, 000 passports! The governments excuse for this is that they do not have the necessary resources to meet the demand.. however some critics are saying that the government is holding back giving people passports so that they do not leave. Venezuela once was one of the richest countries in south America and still has the richest oil reserves in the world but things all started to go downhill fast for Venezuela thanks to American meddling and unsustainable “socialist policies” that have crippled the Venezuelan economy. Venezuelans economy is also dependent on oil prices and in 2015 oil prices crashed which has left Venezuelan struggling ever since.

Valenzuela’s president Nicolás Maduro has acknowledged the shortage of passports and has set up an online website for Venezuelans to get a passport within “72 hours” without them having to wait in line but for double the cost…(this website has since crashed due to so many citizens trying to access the website to apply for a passport) and with many Venezuelans earning less than $30 and barely being able to afford a passport at the normal going rate paying even more just to increase your chances of receiving one seem like extortion.

Whilst the Venezuelan government cannot/refuses to give its own citizens a passport it has been reported by CNN in febuary this year that in the Valenzuela’s Iraq embassy the Venezuelan government have been selling passports to potential Islamic terrorists for thousands of dollars each. Which would enable terrorists to flood into Venezuela as a means of getting to America to act out a terrorist attack (LIKE WHAT IS HAPENING IN ERUPORE CURRENTLY!)

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