Franz J. T. Lee: The emancipatory quintessence of the Bolivarian Revolution

University of Los Andes (ULA) professor Franz J. T. Lee writes: The quintessence of the Bolivarian Revolution is determined by the trans-historic reality of its counterpart, that is, by global fascism, currently spearheaded by the USA.

In a normative sense, the concept “Revolution” is determined by the social class or classes, that make this revolution. It is composed of an Affirmation and a Negation. Revolution and Counter-Revolution. Whether the Revolution is “positive” or “negative” for the future of mankind depends on the participating antagonist, global, social classes.

In Venezuela, for global fascism, for the Bush administration, the corrupt oligarchs, the Bolivarian Revolution is “undemocratic tyranny” and “terrorist dictatorship”, hence, it has to be nipped in the bud, and be replaced by a democratic dictatorship for 10 to 20 years. For them, it is part of the “axis of evil”.

From a trans-historic, scientific and philosophic perspective, “Revolution” is a certain accelerated dialectical stage of the accumulation of capital, of production, of the Labor Process. Already in the Communist Manifesto and in Capital, Marx and Engels explained this Revolution in its totality. The one and only Revolution, the French-British-American capitalist industrial revolution has its internal class contradiction: Capital and Labor, Capitalists and Laborers. Both form two dialectical sides of the very same Revolution, its Affirmation and its Negation , respectively.

  • This is the trans-historic context of the Bolivarian Revolution. Firstly, in its origins, starting with Bolivar, Miranda, Rodriguez and Samora, it was affirmative, it had in mind realizing the bourgeois democratic capitalist revolution, the same that the USA had in mind, only with other social objectives.

Due to the global constellation in the 19th century, and the correlation of revolutionary forces, the USA were successful, became the global Affirmation, and Central and South America, together with other parts of Africa, Asia, Oceania, etc., became the Revolutionary Negation within the world system. All other possibilities outside the global capitalist framework were all nipped in the bud, no exodus was allowed.

Across the 20th century, social revolutions, internal capitalist negations occurred across the globe, Russia, China, Yugoslavia, Algeria, Vietnam, Chile, Cuba, etc. Except the latter, all ended in complete revolutionary disaster.

The question is why?

Now, in the 21st Century, we are facing a revolutionary phenomenon: the continued revolutionary existence of Cuba, for over 40 years, and the emergence of the Bolivarian Revolution, and the revolutionary unity of both.

Again, to determine what is going on here in Venezuela, and in Latin America, we have to apply the science of motion, of contradictions, the logic of Dialectics, as expounded by Kant, Hegel, Marx, Mao, Fanon, Che and other erudite scholars and revolutionaries.


Firstly, here in Venezuela, the popular “NO”, expresses the intra-systemic dialectical Negation of the global even, uneven and combined historical development, that threatens the very existence of the human species, it negates so-called “neo-liberalism”, globalization, US-European world fascist hegemony.

However, dialectically, the capitalist, corporate world system, across the labor process, permanently produces its own negation, the Marxists, terrorists, Arabs, “Castro-Communists”, and now the “Chavistas”. It develops across its Negation, and here is the secret of the revolutionary quintessence of the global Bolivarian Revolution.

Studying the Bolivarian Revolution as an isolated historical event, is already missing the point. It is part and parcel of the global negating revolutionary process within global capitalism and imperialism. With Cuba, currently, it forms the tip of the ice-berg of global Negation, of saying “NO” to world fascism. The Bolivarian Revolution is part and parcel of World Revolution, is a trans-historic product of Capitalism itself. This is why some of the immediate social objectives of the Bolivarian projects, in tune with equal and unequal, combined developments, correspond precisely with the main historic tasks of the French and Industrial Revolutions, industrialization, land reform, national sovereignty, redistribution of national income, etc.


Now, why the current severe imperialist, corporate attacks against Venezuela, the OPEC countries, the ALBA, the alternative to the US-sponsored ALCA, Mercosur, Latin American Unity and Solidarity? In fact, against “Third World” Solidarity?

The capitalist system itself is in dialectical agony, this is what globalization, monopolization, concentration and fascism mean. This is expressed in its “energy crisis,” in fact, an artificially created crisis, because there is sufficient energy available, right here on Earth, to distribute “free energy” to all, even to the ants and rats. That is, the electro-magnetic energy, of “occult physics,” from the vacuum, discovered by scientists like Tesla, Reich, Titarenko, etc. However, applying this free energy globally would detonate the very exploitative essence of capitalism, opening avenues for creativity, creation and emancipation.

In spite of this, scientists like Thomas Bearden have warned already that we have passed the Rubicon, and that world capitalism and imperialism, as we know them until now, employing mainly obsolete physical manual labor, will vanish into oblivion. The capitalist energy crisis is its life crisis, its senility.

Now, what has Venezuela, the Bolivarian revolution, to do with this?

In the short term, before the total world economic collapse, the brutal conquest of the remaining reserves of oil, water, oxygen and biodiversity is a top priority for the well-being of the Super Power, for the USA; also this is relevant with reference to its possible competitors for world hegemony, Europe, China, India, etc.

Obviously, this endangers Venezuela, Latin America. Furthermore, in the world market, a transformation of labor is taking place, towards the so-called “intellectual labor” and “intellectual property”, towards “property of humanity.” In fact, the major products on the current world market come from this sector, progressively, billions of obsolete manual laborers are being thrown out of the labor process, are being exterminated by Bush’s “new wars”.

All these affect the Bolivarian Revolution, are globalizing its revolutionary efforts, make it an emancipatory paradigm for the world. Its praxis becomes the totality of global workers’ resistance, its theory is permanent revolution.

  • This can be verified in its educational, political, economical and social projects, can be seen in the ferocious attacks of the global mass media, in the conspiracies, in the danger of violent US intervention.

However, global fascism will have to annihilate the whole iceberg, in order to stop its “NO” on August 15, 2004 …. and all that what will follow thereafter: the still possible Emancipation of Humanity.

Franz J. T. Lee

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